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AB Crane Ship
AD Destroyer Tender
AE Ammunition Ship
AF Store Ship, Provision
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGC Communication Ship
AGL Lighthouse Tender
AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender
AGS Surveying Ship
AH Hospital Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AKA Cargo Ship, Attack
AKF Cargo Ship, Refrigerated
AKN Cargo Ship, Net
AKS General Stores Issue Ship
AKV Aircraft Ferries
AL Light Ship
AM Mine Sweeper, Large
AMb Mine Sweeper, Harbor
AMc Mine Sweeper, Coastal
AN Net Layer
AO Oiler (Tankers)
AOG Gasoline Tanker
AP Transport
APA Transport, Attack
APc Transport, Coastal
APD Transport (high speed)
APL Barracks Ship
APH Transport, for wounded
APM Transports for mechanized units
APR Transport, rescue
APS Transport Submarine
APV Transport, aircraft
AR Repair Ship
ARB Repair Ship, Battle Damage
ARD Floating Dry Dock
ARG R. S. Internal Combustion Engines
ARH Heavy Hull Repair Ship
ARL Repair Ship, Landing Craft
ARS Salvage Vessel
AS Submarine Tender
ASR Submarine Rescue Vessel
AT Tugs
ATR Rescue Tugs
AV Seaplane Tender (large)
AVC Catapult Lighter
AVD Seaplane Tender (high speed)
AVP Seaplane Tender (small)
AVR Aircraft Rescue Vessel
BB Battleship
CA Heavy Cruiser
CB Large Cruiser
CG Coast Guard Vessel
CGC Coast Guard Cutter
CGR Coast Guard Reserve Vessel
CL Light Cruiser
CM Mine Layer
CMc Mine Layer, Coastal
CR Ice Breaker
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVB Aircraft Carrier (large)
CVE Aircraft Carrier (escort)
CVL Aircraft Carrier (small)
CVS Seaplane Carrier
DD Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort Vessel
DM Light Mine Layer (high speed)
DMS Mine Sweeper (high speed)
IX Unclassified Craft
LCI (L) Landing Craft, Infantry (large)
LCM (2) Landing Craft, 50', Mechanized, Mk. I
LCM (3) Landing Craft, 50', Mechanized, Mk. II
LCP (L) Landing Craft, 36', Personnel (large)
LCP (R) Landing Craft, 36', Personnel (with ramp)
LCR (L) Landing Craft, Rubber (large)
LCR (S) Landing Craft, Rubber (small)
LCS (S) Landing Craft, Support (small)
LCT (5) Landing Craft, Tank, Mk. V
LCT (6) Landing Craft, Tank Mk. VI
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle & personnel
LSD Landing Ship, Dock
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LV Light Vessel
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked (unarmored)
LVT (A) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (armored)
PC Submarine Chaser, 173'
PC Submarine Chasers (conversions)
PCE Escort PC, 180'
PCS Submarine Chasers, 136'
PE Eagle Boat
PF Frigates
PG Gun Boat
PG Corvettes
PR River Gun Boat
PT Motor Torpedo Boat
PTC Motor Boat Submarine Chaser
PY Yacht
PYc Yacht, Coastal
RPC Sub Chaser, 63' (Russian)
RPT Motor Torpedo Boat (Russian)
SC Sub Chaser (110')
SM Mine Laying Submarine
SS Submarine
Y Picket Sailing Boat
YA Ash Lighter
YAG District Auxiliary, miscellaneous
YC Open Lighter
YCF Car Float
YCK Open Cargo Lighter
YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter
YD Floating Derrick
YDT Diving Tender
YF Covered Lighter; Range Tender; Provision Store Lighter
YFB Ferry Boat and Launch
YFD Floating Drydock
YFT Torpedo Transportation Lighter
YG Garbage Lighter
YH Ambulance Boat
YHB Houseboat
YHT Heating Scow
YM Dredge
YMS Mine Sweeper, Motor
YMT Motor Tug
YN Net Tender
YNg Gate Vessel
YNT Net Tender (tug class)
YO Fuel Oil Barge
YOG Gasoline Barge
YOS Oil Storage Barge
YP District Patrol Craft
YPD Floating Pile Driver
YPK Pontoon Stowage Barge
YR Floating Workshop
YRC Submarine Rescue Chamber
YS Stevedore Barge
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick
YSP Salvage Pontoon
YRD Floating Pile Driver
YSR Sludge Removal Barge
YT Harbor Tug
YTT Torpedo Testing Barge
YW Water Barge


US Army Harbor Boat Designations during WWII



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