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Ashby House 11 rooms Ashby House was at Fairfield and was used by the Mobile Explosives Investigation Unit No. 1. Lease expired 28 March 1945.
Beerwah Hotel 76 Enlisted Men, 50 rooms leased Beerwah Private Hotel was on the corner of Gregory Terrace and Brunswick Street (opposite Museum).
Bell House 6 Officers Bell House was at Surfers Paradise. Lease expired 29 March 1945.
Camp Ascot 60 - 70 Officers Temporary billets obtained in May 1944 due to increasing numbers of Officers reporting in the Brisbane area.
Canberra Hotel 233 Officers, 188 rooms leased Operated by the Queensland Temperance League. Officers before being assigned a room, must sign a pledge no to bring liquor or women into the rooms or to become intoxicated. Lease expired on 33 rooms on 17 March 1945. Lease expired on 17 rooms 28 April 1945. Lease expired on 9 rooms on 22 June 1945.
Clinton House 6 Officers, 12 rooms leased  
Club Hotel 17 Officers, 17 rooms  
Cotna House 6 Officers  
Craigston House 7 Officers, 7 rooms leased Craigston House was Craigston Flats at Wickham Terrace.
Dimmock House 3 Officers, 3,500 sq. ft. Lease expired 28 March 1945.
Embassy Hotel 30 Officers, 18 rooms leased  
Empire Hotel 50 Enlisted Men, 50 rooms leased Corner of Brunswick St and Ann St. Lease expired 20 May 1945.
Enderley? House 10 Officers  
Grand Hotel 56 Officers, 30 rooms leased Mary Street, Brisbane. Lease expired 17 March 1945.
Gresham Hotel 30 Officers, 17 rooms leased  
Grand Central Hotel 25 Officers, 13? rooms leased  
Hampton Court 2 Officers Hampton Court was on Sandgate Road, Clayfield. Lease expired 31 May 1945.
Harwick Apartments 8 Officers, 1,500 Sq. ft.  
Harwood Flats   Corner Day Street and Toorak Road. Lease expired 21 April 1945.
Josephson House 3 Officers, 11 rooms  
Kanadu House 6 Officers  
Lennons Hotel 28 Officers, leased George Street.
Lirkcoldy House 6 Officers  
Marden House 6 Officers, 12 rooms Marden House was at Clayfield. Lease expired 13 March 1945.
McKelvey House 5 Officers  
Melvic House 6 Officers Melvic House was Melvic located at corner of Brunswick St & Oxlade drive near New Farm Park.
Mespil? House 2 Officers  
New Farm BOQ and Officers Mess 80 Officers Two story building. Messing facilities could accommodate 120 Officers
New Farm Receiving Barracks 1300 Enlisted Men near New Farm Park 5 buildings, wood and sheet metal, 100ft x 300ft, 150ft x 150ft, 50ft x 50ft, 20ft x 40ft and 50ft x 70ft. 57 Enlisted Men employed for its upkeep.
New Farm Tents 80 Officers, 10 16ft x 16 ft Tents  
Norwood Hotel    
Osmaston Apartments 6 Officers Osmaston Apartments was at 598 Lower Bowen Terrace, New Farm one street away from New Farm Park. Lease expired 17 March 1945.
Palmer House 9 Enlisted Men  
Palmers? Hotel 30 Enlisted Men, 19 rooms leased  
Regatta Hotel 35 Officers, 18 rooms leased Recommended that the lease be cancelled in February 1944.
Richard House 57 Enlisted Men, 39 rooms leased Gregory Terrace. Lease expired 13 May 1945.
Royston House 6 Officers, 10 rooms  
Seabrae   Redcliffe Rest Camp for Enlisted Men. Run by American Red Cross.
Stradbroke House 4 Officers  
Surfers Paradise Hotel   A leave area. Twice daily bus service was established between Brisbane at the Surfers Paradise Hotel.
Syringa? 2 Officers  
Terrydale House 2 Officers  
Thorncliff House 6 Officers  
Waterloo Hotel BOQ and Officers Mess 220 Officers & crew of 45 Messing facilities could accommodate 200 Officers.



1. On 10 April 1943, the Billeting Office of Service Force, Seventh Fleet reported:-

(BRISBANE) It was necessary to use the lounges of three (3) of our hotels for billets along with Camp DOOMBEN, a U.S. Army Camp, and one (1) of our Supply Depot warehouses. In addition, the Submarine Repair Unit billeted and fed drafts from ten (10) to fifty (50) men. A release was made of a large home to the Army because of lack of personnel to keep the home in order."



"Base Facilities Report, US Naval Activities, Southwest Pacific Area, compiled by Commander Seventh Fleet - 15 September 1944"



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