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US Naval Base Hospital No. 10, Navy 135, was established in Granville Park in Merrylands, Sydney in New South Wales during WW2. It was bounded by Merrylands Road, Woodville Road, Claremont Street, and Montrose Avenue and halfway between Guildford and Parramatta.

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Plan of US Naval Base Hospital No 10

For 17 year old US sailor Frank Morrill, US Naval Base Hospital No. 10 was Frank's "home away from home" from October 1944 to May 1945.

17 years old Frank Morrill
at Boot Camp in up state New York


Oil painting of 18 years Frank Morrill
whilst at base Hospital #10
around February 1945


Frank Morrill at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
He was recalled for Korea War
Stayed at Camp Lejeune for over a year
But never went to Korea.


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Frank Morrill on the throne
at Base Hospital No 10, Christmas 1944


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Frank Morrill in the middle
of the front row


usnavalbasehospitalno10-09.jpg (165977 bytes)

Frank Morrill in front of the Movie Theatre
which was having its roof removed


Frank Morrill on the right in the chair with his boss in the other chair on the left,
two Massachusetts guys. The boy standing on the left was Toby Rose...or..
Roser. His Mother used to do the men's laundry. This photo was taken in about
Dec1944 from the site of the carpenter's shop..


Photo of the same location in 2002. The house with the white
shed on back in the centre of the photo is 50 Merrylands Road.


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Frank Morrill's WW2 corner at home.
Note the Australian Flag


usnavalbasehospitalno10-01.jpg (346177 bytes)
from Frank Morrill

Christmas Day Dinner Menu
25 December 1944

Ward Eight at the Hospital was where they treated Venereal Disease (VD).



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