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Headquarters, Commander Service Force, Seventh Fleet, US Navy was based in Brisbane during WW2. In May 1944, Commander of the Service Force, of the Seventh Fleet, US Navy was Commodore R.G. Coman whose office was at Camp Victoria Park. His Deputy Commander was Captain T. DeW Carr.

This Headquarters group was responsible for the operation of the Service Force, Seventh Fleet whose prime function was to service forces afloat and furnish them will all the vital supplies and materials to maintain maximum fighting Strength.

The Administration section of Headquarters, Base Commander, Service Force, Seventh Fleet had the following buildings:

On 15 September 1944, the Administration section of Headquarters, Base Commander, Service Force had four Army type C, serial 1, portable buildings of frame construction with asbestos sheet sheathing (36,877 sq. feet) loaned by U.S. Army. There were 190 Officers and 265 enlisted men attached to Headquarters, Commander Service Force at that time.

Communications, Headquarters Communications provided adequate communication facilities for Commander Service Force, Seventh Fleet and 19 subordinate Brisbane activities. On 15 September 1944, they occupied 1,330 sq. feet of buildings loaned to them by the US Army. They had no radio equipment and used land line circuits entirely. They had one teletype machine. The Communications group comprised 35 officers and 36 enlisted men (not included in Administration section). 

Internal communications for Commander Service Force, Seventh Fleet was under U.S. Army Signal Corps control.



Base Facilities Report, U.S. Naval Activities, Southwest Pacific Area
Complied by Commander Seventh Fleet


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