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The Headquarters for the United States Army Service of Supply (USASOS) was located at Camp Victoria Park at Herston in Brisbane during WW2.

It was a huge camp and all of the buildings were numbered. The following are the units of the USASOS that were based at Camp Victoria Park in October 1943:-

Commanding General Brigadier General J.L. Frink  Building No. 1
Chief of Staff Col. H.W. Barrick Building No. 1
G-1 Section Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1:
     Col. Gibson, R.T.
Executive Officer:
     Lt. Col. Shyne, W.K.
Chief Clerk
Miscellaneous Section:
     Capt. Wallace, Jr. H.B.
Personnel Section:
     Capt. Cullina, F.P.
Statistical Section:
     Capt. Shaw, Jr., T.F.
Building No. 1
G-2 Section   Building No. 3
G-3 Section   Building No. 3
G-4 Section   Building No. 1
Adjutant General Section   Building No. 1
American Red Cross   Building No. 5
Army Exchange Service   Building No. 2
Australia Liaison Section   Building No. 3
Chaplain's Office   Building No. 3
Chemical Division   Building No. 6
Engineer Section   Building Nos. 9, 9A, and 9B
Finance Office   Building No. 2
Headquarters Commandant and Special Troops   Building No. 3
Headquarters, USASOS Exchange   Building No. 10
Headquarters, USASOS Exchange, Cafeteria   Building No. 10
Inspectors General's Section   Building No. 3
Judge Advocate   Building No. 3
Medical Section   Building No. 8
Office of the General Purchasing Agent    
Ordnance Section   Building No. 6
Provost Marshall   Building No. 2
Quartermaster Section   Building No. 4
Signal Section   Building No. 5
Special Service Office   Building No. 3
Transportation Corps   Building No. 7



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