The 565th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion arrived in Brisbane on 10 June 1942 under the command of Major D.H. Malory. This newly activated unit was prepared to furnish 10 radar equipped Reporting Platoons to support the Allied warning systems in operation. By late July 1942, these platoons were operational all along the Queensland coast. They operated in conjunction with 8 Fighter Sector Headquarters in Brisbane and 3 Fighter Sector Headquarters in Townsville.


1st Reporting Company

1st Reporting Platoon - Cooktown
2nd Reporting Platoon - Cape York (Horn Island)
3rd Reporting Platoon - Double Island Point, Innisfail, Coen, Emu Park, Mt. Ayr, Mt Spec
4th Reporting Platoon - Rockhampton
5th Reporting Platoon - Toowoomba
6th Reporting Platoon - Stradbroke Island - Point Lookout
7th Reporting Platoon - Iron Range, Portland Roads and a Plotting Company with 3 Platoons - Cairns

2 Reporting Company

1st Reporting Platoon - Mackay
2nd Reporting Platoon - Bundaberg
3rd Reporting Platoon - ?
4th Reporting Platoon - Redland Bay
5th Reporting Platoon - Coolangatta, Cape Byron, and Billbourough's Lookout at Springbrook
6th Reporting Platoon - Port Moresby in Sep 1942
7th Reporting Platoon - Coolangatta

NOTE:- I have come across a number of spelling variations for Billbourough's Lookout, including Bilbourough, Billbough, and Billbrough.


The Radar at Emu Park was on top of the hill just North of Emu Park which is on the coast near Rockhampton. The Grammar school now owns the area and has a camp/resort for outdoor education where the old Ritamada (Rita and Adam spelt backwards) was and are interested in the history of the property. Rumour has it that they practised firing at oil drums floated out to sea with some form of anti-aircraft weapons, probably 50 calibre machine guns. 

When the 699th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion arrived in New Guinea they transferred to the 565th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion as Company "A" on 11 March 1943 at Oro Bay.

When the 694th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion relocated to New Guinea they became Company "E" of the 565th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion.



Radar Returns Newsletter



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