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In June 1942, a detachment of the 33rd Surgical Hospital was stationed in Cloncurry in Queensland. They had taken over a wing of the District Hospital in Cloncurry while they waited for a building of their own to be completed. 

The Cloncurry Shire Hall was being renovated for their hospital. A mess hall wing and a clinic building wing were being added to the Shire Hall. Almost the first running water latrines were being installed in Cloncurry. The enlisted men of the 33rd started to occupy their new hospital in about June 1942.

A detachment of the 33rd Surgical Hospital was also located in Mt. Isa. The 33rd were initially quartered in the dry and dusty Leichhardt River bed. Before long an arrangement with the Mineside State School saw tents erected in a portion of the school yard.

The 33rd then took over the Women's Club on Mineside in Mt. Isa. It was a rambling single story stilted building located on the side of a hill. It had originally been designed as the Mines Hospital. The officers rented rooms in nearby homes at their own expense as there was no suitable room to locate tents. Nurses' quarters were far too small so an additional community house was hired.

The 33rd Surgical Hospital left Mt Isa in about July 1942 leaving most of their equipment behind. Their premises were taken over by the 17th Station Hospital.

33rd Surgical Hospital also had 2 surgical teams in Townsville during WW2.



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