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The 166th AAA Gun Battalion travelled to Australia on the USS West Point, a converted luxury liner. They were on board USS West Point from 26 September 1943 to 10 October 1943. They arrived in Sydney, New South Wales and camped at Camp Warwick in Sydney from 11 October 1943 until 8 November 1943.

The unit then left Sydney and headed for Townsville in north Queensland. They camped overnight at Camp Ascot in Brisbane on their way to Townsville.

When they arrived in Townsville they travelled on the road north of Townsville towards Ingham and camped at Camp Bluewater from 3 November 1943 until 1 February 1944. They left Townsville on the "Kinimba" (Or is is Kanimbla?)and landed at Finschhafen in New Guinea. They then moved on to Wakde Island.

T/Sgt Dooley's diary states:-

Traveled on U.S.S West Point to Sydney, Australia. Arrived at Sydney October 10, 1943. Spent about one month visiting Sydney and having a swell time. Beer, Rum and women. Traveled on train to Townsville and had a nice trip. Spent one night at Camp Ascot, Brisbane. Went to a show in Townsville two or three times. All in all I enjoyed my stay in Australia.


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I'd like to thank Jim Dooley for his assistance with this home page. Jim Dooley's father was a T/Sgt in the 166th AAA Gun Battalion. 

I'd like to thank Richard M. "Dick" Nash for his assistance with this web page . Dick was a member of the 166th AAA Gun Battalion.


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