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The 138th Signal Intelligence Company set sail from Staten Island, USA onboard the United States Army Transport USAT Uraguay on 14 May 1943. The Unit comprised 1 Captain, 4 1st Lieutenants, 2 2nd Lieutenants, 1 WOJG and 251 Enlisted Men. They arrived in Brisbane, Australia on 14 June 1943. The disembarked the following day and marched the short distance to Camp Doomben where they established their Headquarters.

On 2 August 1943 the first contingent of the Advance Echelon comprising 1st Lt. Painter, 2nd Lt Turner and 44 Enlisted Men left Brisbane for Port Moresby. The second contingent composed of 2n Lt Belth and 2nd Lt Tingley, WOJG Himes and 68 Enlisted Men left Brisbane for Port Moresby on 3 August. They were closely followed by the third contingent comprising Captain Marshall, 1st Lt Gabler, and 43 Enlisted Men who left on 4 August 1943. This left 1st Lt. Gilmore and 99 Enlisted Men at Camp Doomben to form the Rear Echelon.

The Rear Echelon left Brisbane and arrived in Port Moresby on 11 September 1943.

On 17 October 1943, Captain Marshall, 2nd Lt Belth and 8 Enlisted Men left for detached Service with Signal Intelligence Division, USAFFE in Brisbane. 30 Enlisted Men left on the same day for detached service with the 126th Signal Radio Intelligence Company in Brisbane. Captain Marshall and 8 Enlisted Men left Brisbane from Detached Service and returned to New Guinea on 15 December 1943.



138th Signal Radio Intelligence Company
History of Services 14 February 1942 to 31 January 1944


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