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Subject:    22nd Bomb Group
Date:            Wed, 19 Dec 2001 08:40:48 -0500
From:           "Norm Culbertson" <check6@frontiernet.net>

More information for your page: My name is Norman Culbertson. I was in Australia and New Guinea with the 22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Squadron as a Staff Sergeant bombardier on the crew of B-26 #1516 "Calamity Jane". 

Our crew consisted of:-

Pilot               Dewey Flint, 
Co Pilot          Lt. Steadman, 
Navigator        Vernon Ammons, 
Bombardier     Norm Culbertson, 
Top Gunner     Tommy Tompkins, 
Radio             Bill Hamilton, 
Tail Gunner     ???. 

We left Langley Field, Va on Dec 8 1941, Flew Shore patrol from Muroc Dry Lake, Calif. until March 1942, then to Australia by troop ship Hugh L. Scott. From Brisbane to Antil Plains from where we flew missions via Port Moresby to Rabaul, Lae, Coral Sea, Milne Bay etc. We were on the Mission with Lyndon Johnson (TOW 9) in which Lt Bench & crew were shot down. 

I returned to the states after 27 missions. Graduated from Pilot Training, class 45A. Stayed in the service. Joined NYANG, continued to fly, Activated for the Berlin crisis, went to Europe to fly protection for 7th army during 1961-62. Activated again in 1968 - 69, flew 237 missions in Viet Nam in F 100s. Retired in 1972. Would like to hear from anybody from the past. 




The crew for "Calamity Jane" on the TOW 9 mission were as follows:-

P     2nd Lt. Flint D.C.
CP   2nd Lt. Curry W.L.
N     2nd Lt. Ammons V.B.
B     Sgt. Culbertson N.C
E     Sgt. Raplan? I. *
R     Corp. Hamilton W.M.? *
G     Corp. Tompkins R.E.


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