Flight Nurses were involved in both the evacuation of sick and wounded soldiers by air and working in ground medical installations. To become a Flight Nurse, graduate nurses were required to apply for a commission in the Army Nurse Corps. After a minimum of 6 months in an Army Service Forces unit hospital, she would then apply for admission to the Army Air Forces School of Air Evacuation. 

A Flight Nurse had to be 62 - 72 inches tall, weigh 105 - 135 pounds and be aged between 21 and 36 years old. They usually flew in C-46, C-47 or C-54 aircraft which were used to fly cargo and troops to the battle fronts and then were converted to Air Ambulances for the return trip. Because of their use on the forward flight for troop reinforcement and cargo resupply the aircraft could not carry the Geneva Red Cross thus making them a fair target for Japanese aircraft.

Flight Nurses were attached to the following Medical Air Evacuations Squadrons in the 5th Air Force in the South West Pacific Area:-

       - 801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

       - 804th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

       - 820th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron


The Story of Air Evacuation 1942 - 1989
by the World War II Flight Nurses Association 1989



Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII


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