In 1942 when there was a possibility that Australia would be invaded by the Japanese, urgent plans were put in place to prepare to fight a bitter and protracted guerrilla war against the invaders.

Special units, some hidden as part of the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC) and others working under the auspices of the British Ministry of Economic Warfare (who were later to control Z-Force) were trained, armed and equipped and sworn to the utmost secrecy.

Draconian plans were drawn up for a 'scorched earth' policy and only essential military and other essential technical personnel were to be evacuated.

Well hidden caches of military supplies were placed and a series of fighting redoubts were planned -- and in some places completed -- around important pieces of Australia's infrastructure.

The whole activity was carried out under conditions of utmost secrecy, official records were deliberately concealed or destroyed and to this day many of the members of this secretive group are not recognised.

I would welcome any information, (first or second hand ), photographs, diaries or other records on this subject. I would also like to hear from you if you know of the locations of some of these facilities or surviving individuals who were involved.

The late Graham Sherrington ("Sherro") had carried out some research on this topic before he died on 22 March 2003.


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