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Photo:- Wireless for the Warrior by Louis Meulstee

Fullerphone Mk IV*


The Fullerphone was first introduced by the British Army in 1915 for secure communications between corps and divisions. It was a portable telegraph signalling device. Or a DC line Morse telegraph device. It is not a telephone system. It was used over either telegraph or telephone lines. It was invented by Captain Algernon Clement Fuller of the British Royal Corps of Signals.

It could be used over an operating telephone line without interfering with the voice service. It could achieve a throughput of up to 200 words per minute up to a distance of 700 miles.

Howard Young was a cadet signaller towards the end of WWII and was taught how to use the Fullerphone. Howard told me that it was connected up in pairs, tuned to each other, and could not be intercepted by anyone cutting into the signal wires. Howard told me that the Fullerphone was very temperamental and needed constant tuning adjustment.


Wireless for the Warrior by Louis Meusltee

Fullerphone Mk V



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