The Brisbane Military Phone Book for 1942 shows that the Brisbane Combined Operational Intelligence Center was located on the 8th Floor of the AMP Building, which also contained MacArthur's South West Pacific Area's GHQ. 

Note that it was called the Combined Operations Intelligence Centre in the 1942 Military Phone Book rather than the Combined Operational Intelligence Center. It was called Combined Operational Intelligence Center in the 1944 Telephone Directory.

Brisbane COIC personnel were located as follows in the AMP Building:-



Room 821

Acting Director COIC Captain J.C. Mullaly
Secretary S/O P.S. Hood
Adjutant P/O W.J. Morgan

Room 822

Staff Officer Navy Intelligence P/Lt. G.J. Conner
P/Lt. T.F. Riddell
Secretary N. Steel

Room 816

Staff Officer Army Intelligence Captain A.E. Ney
Staff Officer Air Intelligence F/Lt A.S. Bradshaw
F/Lt. V. Wesche
Secretary S/O L.O. Mumford

Room 812

Duty Officer Supervisor S/Ldr J.V. Wischer
P/Lt W.G. Somervaille
Capt. H.G. Carpenter
Collation Section F/Lt. S.L. Prescott
Lt. R.W. Edwards
P. Sub/Lt. Z. Cowan   (later Governor General of Australia)
Duty Navy Officer P/lt. F.L. Bell
P/Lt. M.V. McIerney
P. Sub/Lt. H.M. Sampford
Duty Officer Army  Capt. H.S. Carmichael
Lt. R.W. Frederick
Lt. L.D. Burton
Duty Officer Air F/O G.E. Reveleigh
F/O H.G. Johns
P/O A.W. Rogers
Continuity Officer Lt. H. McAbee
Logging Desk W.A.A.A.F. Personnel
W.A.A.A.F. Supervisor



Room 816

Director Lt. Col. J.C. Mullaly (Aust. Army)
Secretary Flt/O V.L. Ayers (WAAAF)
2-i-C S/Ldr J.V. Wischer (RAAF)

Room 822

Staff Officers: (Intelligence)  
     Navy Lt. Comdr. (Sp) G.J. Connor (RANVR)
  Lt. (Sp) W.G. Somervaille (RANVR)
    Secretary: S/O R.C. Truscott (WAAAF)

Room 815

    Army: Major J.G. Wilson (Aust. Army)
  Capt. L.D. Burton, Jr.
    Air S/Ldr. V.G. Wesche (RAAF)
  F/Lt. C. Robertson (RAAF)
    Secretary S/O A.G. Guy (WAAAF)

Room 812

    Duty Officer Supervisors: Capt. D.H. Hill (Aust. Army)   
  Capt. A.E. Ney (Aust. Army)  
  Lt. (Sp) I.F. McLaren (RANVR)  
  F/Lt. J.W. Powling (RAAF)  
Duty Officers:    
    Navy: Lt. (Sp) W.H. Rice (RANVR)  
  Lt. (Sp) R.J. Simmons (RANVR)  
  Sub/Lt. (Sp) D. Hartigan (RANVR)  
  Sub/Lt. (Sp) W.J. Meredith (RANVR)  
    Army: Capt. E.C. Browne (Aust. Army)  
  Lt. C.H. Bates  
  Lt. D.E. Bosworth  
    Air: Capt. N.P.C. Coliver  
  Lt. C.W. Weinberger Guess who this is!!
  F/O A.L. Simms (RAAF)  
  Lt. B. Wall  
Collation Section: Lt. (Sp) F.L.S. Bell (RANVR)  
  Capt. F.H.C. Maclagan (Aust. Army)  
  F/Lt. A.W.W. Rogers (RAAF)  
  Lt. (Sp) L.J. Austin (RANVR)  
Logging Desk: WAAAF Personnel  
WAAAF Supervisor: Flt/O J.C. Darbyshire (WAAAF)  


David Young, son of Flight Officer Lilian Olive Mumford (351100), told me in December 2015, that his mother was originally part of the Combined Operational Intelligence Centre COIC when it was based in Melbourne in early 1942 when General Douglas MacArthur had his GHQ SWPA in the Trustee Executive & Agency Co. Ltd. building at 401 - 403 Collins Street, Melbourne. It is most likely that the Melbourne COIC was also in this building with General MacArthur.



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