The Allied Geographical Section (AGS) was located at 115 Queens Street in Brisbane after it moved from Melbourne. 

The Allied Geographic Section provided topographic information on the South West Pacific Area which was poorly mapped up until that time. 


    Major W.V Jardine-Blake

    Captain P.A. Reid

    Captain John M. Russel

    Pay-Lieut. A.J. Rycroft
    Lt. Comdr. L.W.S. Wright
    Mt. Leonard Murray

    Major N.H. Gallaher
    Capt. W.R.E. Isaacs
    Capt. Harrison Ford
    Lieut. F.E. Williams

Lieut. Comdr. F.J. Wissell

    Civilian Assistants



    Lt. Col. Jardine-Blake, W.V.

    Major Smith, A.T.


        Major Gallaher W.H.
        Capt. Harrison-Ford, C.A.
        Capt. Mason, N.K.
        Capt. Forbes, I.G.
        Capt. Cumpston, J.S.
        Lt. Davidson, C.B.

        Lt. Rycroft, A.J.
        Sub. Lt. Burt, A.P.W.
        Sub. Lt. Dence, A.S.
        Sub. Lt Carruthers, T.R.

            S/Ldr. Thompson, F.R.
            F/O Avdall, E.G.
            F/O May, T.B.

    Lt. Fraser, V.F.B.

    Capt. Russell, J.M.

    Lt. Coote, G.G.






Source: R.R.E. Bowd, A Basis for Victory: The Allied Geographical Section 1942-1946 (Canberra: Australian National University, 2005)


1. ABRAMS, Charles, Tec 4, (US) (Supply)
2. ALLEN, Glen O., Capt., (US) (IO)
3. ALLEN, Richard D., Tech 4, (US) (Supply)
4. ANDERSON, Lawrence C., M/Sgt., (US) (Reproduction)
5. ARCHER, J.S., Cpl, (RAAF) (Photo Lab)
6. AVDALL, E. Gerald, F/Lt, (RAAF) (Geographical Names)
7. BARNES, Jack, C., 1st Lt, (US) (Research)
8. BEAVER, Walter D., Capt., (US) (Amphibious Section)
9. BERESFORD, S.A., Sgt, (AIF) (Distribution)
10. BILODEAU, Kenneth R., Tec 4, (US) (PI)
11. BLAKE, W.V. Jardine-, Col, (AIF) (Director)
12. BOOHER, Glen L., Tec 5, (US) (Photo Lab)
13. CAPSTICK, Robert W., Tec 3, (US) (Photo Lab)
14. CARPENTER, Charles E., Tec 5, (US) (Distribution)
15. CARRUTHERS, T.R., Lt, (RANVR) (Editor)
16. CAVE, Benjamin, E., Capt., (US) (Amphibious Section)
17. CHANG, Sowkhing, Sgt, (AIF) (Geographical Names)
18. CHILDERS, James, Cpl, (US) (PI)
19. CLARK, W.W., Sgt, (AIF) (Reproduction)
20. CLAUDIO, Anibal, Tec 5, (US) (Administration)
21. COOTE, George G., Lt, (AIF) (Reproduction)
22. CREAGER, Paul Y., Jr, Tec 4, (US) (Drafting)
23. DAVIDSON, COLIN B., Capt., (AIF) (Supervising IO)
24. DOLEY, S., Sgt, (RAAF) (Drafting)
25. DOYLE, James A., M/Sgt, (US) (PI)
26. DUMESTRE, Cel J., 1st Lt, (US) (PI)
27. ELLIOT, E.W., Cpl, (AIF) (Administration)
28. EWENS, A.G., S/Sgt, (AIF) (Administration)
29. FERTIG, Claude E., Lt. Col, (US) (Executive Officer)
30. FORBES, I.G., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
31. FRIEND, L.N., L/Sgt, (AIF) (Photo Lab)
32. GELKE, James R., Tec 4, (US) (Secretary to Director)
33. GUDGEON, Russell D., Maj., (US) (IO)
34. HAEGE, Robert E., Tec 5, (US) (Typing Pool)
35. HAIRE, J.T., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
36. HANSFORD, G.B., S/Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
37. HATTER, J.R., Sgt, (AIF) (Distribution)
38. HAUSER, Henry F., Maj., (US) (PI)
39. HAYES, C.M., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
40. HAYS, Morris H., Tec 5, (US) (Informants)
41. HERALD, A.A., Maj., (AIF) (IO)
42. HILL, F.P., Sgt, (AIF) (Drafting)
43. HUNT, Daniel S., Jr, Tec 5, (US) (Maps)
44. HINTON, R., Sgt, (AIF) (Drafting)
45. HUETER, Ernest B., Maj., (US) (Amphibious Section)
46. HUEY, B.W.A., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
47. HUGHES, J., Cpl, (AIF) (Drafting)
48. IBARRA, Raul, Tec 5, (US) (Reproduction)
49. KAPLAN, Hershel S., Tec 3, (US) (Drafting)
50. KING, William L., Pvt., (US) (Supply)
51. KOHLMANN, Paul A., Tec 5, (US) (Records)
52. KRIEG, Edward A., Maj., (US) (IO)
53. KRUTZKE, Herbert G., Capt., (US) (PI)
54. KUYKENDALL, Kenneth A., 2nd Lt, (US) (PI)
55. LAU, Wilson B., 1st Lt, (US) (Administration)
56. LEAR, J.C.R., Cpl, (AIF) (Maps)
57. LEVY, Henry Jr, Tec 5, (US) (Research)
58. LEWANDOWSKI, Henry, Cpl, (US) (PI)
59. MAHER, J.E., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
60. MANOS, Manouel J., Tec 4, (US) (Typing Pool)
61. MARQUART, Otto, 1st Lt, (US) (IO)
62. McCABE, Cornelius T., 1st Lt, (US) (LO)
63. McMANAMON, James E., Tec 4, (US) (PI)
64. MITCHELL, James A., 1st Lt, (US) (PI)
65. MONTAGUE, Paul B., Pvt, (US) (Distribution)
66. MOREAU, Hector A., 1st Lt, (US) (PI)
67. NEUMANN, S.R., Cpl, (AIF) (Distribution)
68. NEWMAN, F.F., F/O, (RAAF) (IO)
69. NEWHAM, N.W., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
70. OFFERMAN, Henry, Pvt., (US) (Typing Pool)
71. O'HALLORAN, J., Cpl, (AIF) (Drafting)
72. PALLISTER, J.W., Lt, (RAN) (IO)
73. PEDERSEN, Marvin H., Tec 5, (US) (Typing Pool)
74. PERKINS, George F., Tec 3, (US) (PI)
75. PHIFER, James, Capt., (US) (LO)
76. PIERCE, Wilbur J., Maj., (US) (LO)
77. PISTELL, Robert K., Tec 5, (US) (PI)
78. POST, Donald A., Tec 5, (US) (Distribution)
79. POSTER, Gerbrand, 1st Lt, (US) (IO)
80. POWELL, B., Cpl, (AIF) (Distribution)
81. PROCTOR, John R., Tec 5, (US) (Administration)
82. PUNTER, H., Maj., (AIF) (IO)
83. QUINLAN, G.H., WOII, (AIF) (Drafting)
84. ROBERTS, T.F., Lt Cdr, (RANVR) (IO)
85. ROSENBERG, Kenneth N., Tec 5, (US) (Motor Pool)
86. ROSSON, Virgil C., Tec 5, (US) (Administration)
87. RIDDELL, R.C.T., Cpl, (AIF) (Drafting)
88. RYAN, J.H.P., Lt, (RANVR) (IO)
89. RYAN, Robert B., 1st Lt, (US) (IO)
90. RYAN, Richard K., T/Sgt, (US) (Drafting)
91. SCARUFFI, Louis F., Tec 5, (US) (Typing Pool)
92. SCHEUER, Joseph, Tec 4, (US) (Administration)
93. SHACKEL, R.D.P., Cpl, (AIF) (Records)
94. SHACKELFORD, G.R. Jr, Pvt, (US) (Motor Pool)
95. SHIELDS, William B., 1st Lt, (US) (LO)
96. SILVA, Ernest R., T/Sgt, (US) (PI)
97. SILVERSTEIN, Sidney, Tec 5, (US) (Motor Pool)
98. SLAVEN, Thomas, Cpl, (RAAF) (Administration)
99. SMITH, A.L., Sgt, (AIF) (Drafting)
100. SMITH, A.T., Lt. Col, (AIF) (Technical Director)
101. STEVENS, Houston F., Tec 5, (US) (Typing Pool)
102. SULLIVAN, John J. Jr, 2nd Lt, (US) (PI)
103. SZALKOWSKI, Theodore, Tec 5, (US) (PI)
104. THOMAS, F.G., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
105. TOBIN, John P., Lt. Col, (US) (LO)
106. VEAL, Harlan K., S/Sgt, (US) (PI)
107. WADDELL, C.W., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
108. WATKINS, William J., Pvt, (US) (Typing Pool)
109. WEST, Charles A., Tec 3, (US) (Administration)
110. WHITLOCK, N.G., LAC, (RAAF) (Photo Lab)
111. WILLIAMS, Robert N., Maj., (US) (IO)
112. WILLIS, E.A., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
113. WOLCOTT, Roger D., Maj., (US) (IO)
114. WOLF, Kenneth R., Pvt, (US) (Typing Pool)
115. WORTHINGTON, N.A., Capt., (AIF) (IO)


1. AKKERMAN, K., Capt., (RNA) (IO)
2. ALCOCK, Antoinette Lucille, Cpl, (AWAS) (Records)
3. ALLAN, L. Gordon, Sgt, (AIF) (Reproduction)
4. AMES, A.A., Pte, (AIF) (Administration)
5. AMOS, N.A.G., Lt, (AIF) (Reproduction)
6. BAIRD, Edith Lillian, Pte, (AWAS) (Records)
7. BARSKY, L., Tec 5, (US) (Drafting)
8. BATTEN, J.A., Lt, (RANVR) (IO)
9. BEESON, L.W., Lt, (RANVR) (IO)
10. BLAIR, C.F., F/Lt, (RAAF) (IO)
11. BOTTOMLEY, Elsie Mildred, Miss, (Typing Pool)
12. BOYAN, (nee Henry Mandonald) J., Cpl, (AWAS)
13. BRADFORD, Marie Pratricia, Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
14. BRADLEY, J., Lt. Col, (US) (Engineer Officer)
15. BRADSHAW, S.R., Cpl, (AIF) (Administration)
16. BROWN, John C., Mr, (Administration)
17. BRYNE, John, Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
18. BULLOCH, Kenneth W., F/Lt, (RAAF) (IO)
19. BUNJES, M.P., Mr, (IO)
20. BURT, A.P., Lt, (RANVR) (Editor)
21. BURTON, S.L., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
22. CAMPBELL, A., Capt., (Hydrographic Branch)
23. CHALMERS, Gwen Lorraine, Cpl, (WAAF) (Research)
24. COLLIER, Mary, Miss, (Research)
25. COMMERFORD, Annie Mary, Miss, (Typing Pool)
26. CONNELLY, C.J., S/Sgt, (AIF) (Administration)
27. COOKE, Pratricia Marion, Sgt, (WAAF) (Typing Pool)
28. COURTNEY, J.W., SP(X)2c, (USN)
29. CRADDOCK, J.M., Cpl, (AIF) (IO)
30. CRIST, (nee Tilly) Marjorie, Sgt, (AWAS) (Administration)
31. CULLEN, Mary Glasson, Mrs, (Typing Pool)
32. CUMPSTON, J.S., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
34. CUYLENBERG, R.E.H., Cpl, (AIF) (Library)
35. DALEY, (nee Rodger) Beryl Jane, Mrs, (Typing Pool)
36. DAVIDSON, Dorothy Eileen, Cpl, (AWAS) (Geographical Names)
37. DAY, P.R.H., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
38. DE CHANEET, E.G., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
39. DENCE, A., Lt, (RANVR)
41. DE WILDE DE LIGNY, Mr (NEI Government)
42. DODDS, J., Cpl, (AIF) (Reproduction)
43. DOMAN, Lorna, F/Sgt, (WAAF) (Editorial)
44. DONK, W., Capt.
45. DOUW VAN DER KRAP, J., Lt Cmdr, (RNN)
46. DUFFY, Veronica Merle, Mrs.
47. EDWARDS, C.P., F/O, (RAAF) (IO)
48. EDWARDS, J.G., Sgt, (AIF) (Administration)
50. EVANS, Hazel Pearl, Sgt, (AWAS) (Administration)
51. EVERETT, Hazel J., Pte, (AWAS) (PI)
52. FLEMING, Mary Margaret, Miss, (Typing Pool)
53. FOSSEY, J.A., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
54. FRANCIS, E.D., Maj., (AIF) (OC Rear Echelon)
55. FRASER, V.F.B., Lt, (AIF) (Administration)
56. GALLAHER, W.H., Lt Col, (US) (IO)
57. GARDNER, J.A., Mr, (IO)
58. GLAESSNER, M.F., Prof., (Palaeontologist)
59. GLEED, Margaret, Sig-wm, (AWAS) (Administration)
60. GLOVER, W.B., Cpl, (AIF) (Reproduction)
61. GRACE, Gilda Ellen, Cpl, (AIF) (Research)
62. GRACE, R.W.P., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
63. GREEN, D., Lt, (Adjutant)
64. GROENENDAAL, P.J., Lt, (Informants)
65. GROUCUTT, Z.L., Asst S.O., (Geographical Names)
66. GULLICK, Flora Elmire Davidgo, Pte, (AWAS)
67. GUNN, R.F., Mr.
68. GWYTHER, Lois S., A/Sgt, (WAAF) (Typing Pool)
69. HANNETT, C.A., Sgt, (RAAF) (Drafting)
70. HARDIE, H., Cpl, (RAAF) (Drafting)
71. HARDWICK, R.K., Mr, (IO)
72. HARRISON-FORD, C., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
73. HAWKINS, Ena, Cpl, (AWAS) (Photofiles)
74. HENDERSON, Barbara Joan, Sgt, (AWAS) (Administration)
75. HENSLEY, Veronica, Mrs, (Typing Pool)
76. HODGE, Nora Isobel, Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
77. HOLSTER, J.S., Lt, (LO)
78. HOOGENKAMP, J.G., S/Lt, (RNN) (Informants)
79. HORN, Elsa, Miss, (Typing Pool)
80. HORSTINK, M., Capt., (NEI) (IO)
81. IRVING, Dorothy Wendy, Sgt, (AWAS) (Research)
82. ISAACS, W.R.E., Maj., (AIF) (IO)
83. JARROTT, M.R., Pte, (AIF) (Informants)
84. JOHNSON, Edith D., Mrs, (Typing Pool)
85. JOHNSON, Kathleene Margaret, Cpl, (AWAS) (Maps)
86. JOHNSTONE, (nee Smiles), Dorothy Anne, Sgt, (AWAS) (Records)
87. KING (nee Warner), Mabel Jean, Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
88. KLEERKOPER, S.E., 2nd Lt, (NEI) (IO)
89. LANCELOT, M., Vdg, (IO)
90. LASKIE, R.J., WOII, (AIF) (Drafting)
91. LEE, Nita Lorraine, ACW, (WAAF) (Research)
92. LEMP, Lilian Susan, Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
93. LINDSAY, M.C., Cpl, (AIF) (Drafting)
94. LOCHER, G.W., Dr, (IO) (NEI Government Anthropologist)
95. LUCAS, Naomi Margaret, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)
96. McDONALD, Ethel May, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)
97. McFARLANE, Margaret, Cpl, (WAAF) (Typing Pool)
98. MacGILLIVRAY, Isa Joyce, Cpl, (AWAS) (Distribution)
99. McMASTER, Rita, Miss, (Typing Pool)
100. MacROBERT, I., Lt, (RANVR) (IO)
101. MACE, N., Maj., (British Army) (IO)
102. MARSHALL, A.J., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
103. MARTIN, Margaret, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)
104. MASON, N.K., Capt, Capt., (AIF) (OC Sydney Detachment)
105. MASON, T.G., Mr, (IO)
106. MAY, T.B., Flg Off, (RAAF) (IO)
107. MILLARD, Lola Shirley, Miss, (Typing Pool)
108. MILLER, H.A., Mr, (IO)
109. MILLS, S.W., Lt, (AIF) (Reproduction)
110. MODISTACH, L.H., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
111. MULHERAN, Maureen, Miss, (Typing Pool)
112. MURPHY, A.P., Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
113. MURRAY, CBE, H.L., The Hon., (Hydrographic Branch)
114. MURRAY, R.E., Dr, (Medical Officer)
115. NASH, Berenice Mary, Miss, (Typing Pool)
116. NEW, F.T., Cpl, (RAAF) (Reproduction)
117. NEWNHAM, N.W., Sgt, (AIF) (IO)
118. NIXON-SMITH, A.F., Lt, (Distribution)
119. OAKLEY, E.W., Mr, (LO)
120. O'BRIEN, Mavis, Miss, (Typing Pool)
121. OSBORNE, Dorothy I., Cpl, (WAAF) (Drafting)
122. PAPADOPOULOS, Anthony E., Sgt, (AIF) (Roads of Japan)
123. PARKER, (nee Urquhart), Jean Lois, Cpl, (WAAF) (Secretary to
124. PERRY, Agnes, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)
125. POLLARD, F.H., Lt, (AIF) (LO)
126. PONDER, Harriet W., Mrs, (Research)
127. POWER, Patricia Lomasyne Desmond, Pte, (AWAS) (Records)
128. PRYCE, S.E.T., F/Lt, (RAAF) (IO)
129. PURNELL, Nell, Cpl.
130. RAFTERY, G.A., Lt, (AIF) (IO)
131. REID, P.A., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
132. REINDERHOFF, G.L., Capt., (NEI) (IO)
133. RENNER, H.M., Cpl, (AIF) (Drafting)
134. ROHRLACH, V.D., Sgt, (CMF) (Distribution)
135. ROSENBERG, June, Cpl, (WAAF) (Administration)
136. ROSENOW, Margaret Ann, Pte, (AWAS)
137. ROUTLEY, W.F., Lt Col, (AIF) (Engineer Officer)
138. RUSH, E.G., Pte, (AIF) (Administration)
139. RUSSELL, J.M., Maj., (US) (LO)
140. RYCROFT, A.J., Lt, (RANVR) (IO)
141. RYDER, P., Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
142. SANTOS DE SOUSA, A., Mr, (IO)
143. SCHOON, P.J., Vdg, (IO)
144. SCULLY, E.S., WOII, (AIF) (Drafting)
145. SCHOLTE, A., Adjudant, (Informants)
146. SIMMONS, L.O., Cpl, (RAAF) (Reproduction)
147. SPEERING, D.J., Pte, (AIF) (Administration)
148. STANTON, Edna May, Sgt, (AWAS) (Informants)
149. STEDMAN, R.H., Sgt, (AIF) (Drafting)
150. STOKES, Madge Lesley, Pte, (AWAS) (Distribution)
151. SWEATMAN, H.I., Cpl, (Administration)
152. TAGGART, G., F/Sgt, (WAAF) (Typing Pool)
153. TENNANT, Elsie, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)
154. THOMAS, H.K., Mr, (IO)
155. THOMPSON, F.R., S/Ldr, (RAAF) (Research)
156. TIEFENBRUN, J., Mrs, (Typing Pool)
157. TURTON, (nee Frazer) Vida F.B., Lt, (AWAS) (Adjutant)
158. TYLER, W.H., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
159. TYSON, Lola, ACW, (WAAF) (Research)
160. VAN ALLER, L., Miss, (Research)
161. VANDERPOOL, J.L., Cpl, (US) (Driver)
162. VAUGHAN, M.M., Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
163. VEAL, June, Miss, (Typing Pool)
164. WABEKE, B.H., Ensign, (USN) (Research)
165. WADDLE, Valcie Phylis, Sig-wm, (AWAS) (Administration)
166. WADE, A., Dr, (Advisory Geologist)
167. WARK, Barbara Mary, Cpl, (AWAS) (Editorial)
168. WEATHERSTONE, Helen, Cpl, (WAAF) (Drafting)
169. WIJGERS, H., Sgt, (NEI) (Informants)
170. WILEY, Joyce Veronica, Miss, (Typing Pool)
171. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Edith, Cpl, (AWAS) (Drafting)
172. WILLIAMS, F.E., Capt., (AIF) (IO)
173. WILLIAMSON, A.D., Cpl, (WAAF) (Research)
174. WILSON, G., LAC, (RAAF)
175. WILSON, V.M., Pte, (AWAS)
176. WINTON, M.B., Pte, (AWAS) (Administration)
177. WISSEL, F.J., Lt Cdr, (RNNR) (IO)
178. WISSEL, F.J., Mrs, (Research)
179. WOODS, Eleanor Dorothy, Cpl, (WAAF) (Typing Pool)
180. WRIGHT, J.J.H., WOII, (AIF) (Drafting)
181. WRIGHT, L.W.S., Lt Cdr, (Retd), (RN) (IO)
182. YOUNG, Violet, Cpl, (AWAS) (Administration)


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Overall Allied Intelligence Organisation in SWPA May 1943



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