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Subject:    Walders
Date:             Thu, 19 Mar 1998
From:           Sheelagh Hawkins <shee.hawkins@lineone.net>

I too am researching the Walder family name, although I have not found a link to Sussex. My Walder seem to have come from Switzerland originally . Does this ring a bell?

Regards Sheelagh


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Subject:  RE:    Walders
Date:                      Sat, 21 Mar 1998
From:                     Sheelagh Hawkins <shee.hawkins@lineone.net>

Hi there Pete,

I have quite a bit of information about the Walder line, as an elderly relative did some research in Switzerland in the seventies, unfortunately she was only interested in her line, and the Walder name, so she rarely recorded marriages. She traced the Walders back to Kaspar Walder who was born in 1640 - no actual DOB just the year. Kaspar had a son - Heinrich, who in turn had a son Hans Konrad who was born in October 1692 (my gggggg grand father). He in turn had nine children, the fourth child being Hans Heinrich,(1721 - 1792).

This is where it gets confusing - Hans Heinrich had eight children the fourth one again being Hans Heinrich- (1753 - 1816). He was a busy boy as he had 13 children! Only four children survived infancy, three of these died in their twenties, and Melchior (child number 12) married Suzannah Gruyer. Melchior owned two cotton mills. They had seven children. Heinrich was an engineer, but decided in the 1860's to work for the church. This was the Moravian (united Bretheren ) church. He was chosen with two young Germans to go to Australia as a missionary. After spending six months in Yorkshire England to learn English, he sailed to Australia in 1864. Their mission was 50 miles from a post office, and 700 miles from the town which supplies had to be obtained from - this information was gleaned from a diary he kept. When he left Aus in 1869 he sailed via Cape Horn back to England thereby circumnavigating the globe under sail. In Trowbridge England, he married Annie Charlotte Lees in 1870(she had been at school with Suzette, Heinrich's youngest sister). They sailed for Jamaica on March 10th 1870 and arrived in Kingston on April 3rd and then went out to Mizpah just north of Mandeville. There he built a church, and two schools. He and Charlotte had 8 children. Alfred married Amelia Rhodes Bull, and had three children, one of whom was my grandfather. My mother was born in Jamaica, but came to England to finish her schooling, where she met and married her husband. The house in Mandeville that Heinrich and Charlotte built is still there and is still owned by the family.

I hope I haven't bored you with the potted history of my family, but if you ever come across any information that might help me please pass it on.

Kind regards Sheelagh


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