During World War 2, aircraft from Archerfield aerodrome would use the Emergency Landing Ground (ELG) at Runcorn for practice landings for trainee pilots. Runcorn ELG was located at 27.36 Lat. and 153.05 Long. It was a Type A-1 airfield which meant that it had one runway greater than 1,200 yards. It was under DCA control during WW2.

The small airfield was located opposite the Runcorn railway station alongside Beenleigh Road. It was located in Williams Paddock, Beenleigh Road. Alfred Williams was the first settler in the Runcorn area in 1868. A reference document in the Local History Section at the Sunnybank Hills Library stated that Williams' house was near where Greenhill Nursery is located. Another reference document said that the Emergency Landing Ground was near the present day All Hours Shopping centre on the corner of Datura Street and Beenleigh Road.


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Notice to Airmen

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An article in the Sunday Mail of 19 November 1972 describes (with a photo) an emergency landing made by pilot Captain Thomas Young of Brisbane in his Ryan monoplane, VH-UIZ, at the Runcorn Emergency Landing Ground on 19 November 1931. Captain Young had experienced engine troubles with his Ryan aircraft which was part of a daily service between Brisbane - Lismore - Sydney. There was another biplane in the photo with the Registration No. VH-VIA. The aircraft stayed at Runcorn ELG for 3 to 4 days while it was repaired.

Runcorn was an Emergency Landing Ground for Archerfield airfield which had commenced operations in April 1931.

By the way, I used to live at Runcorn in Brisbane. In fact, based on the diagram above, I think I lived on the old emergency landing ground.


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