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The Navy Victualling Store at at the corner of Merthyr Road and Gray Street, New Farm was built in about 1944 during WWII and consisted of wharves, wharehouses and assembly areas. It was used by the British Royal Navy to support the British Pacific Fleet from 1944 to 1949. It was located near the site of the former large WW2 Submarine Base at New Farm.


Navy Victualling Store building at New Farm


During WWII, HMAS Moreton was located at the Domain at the end of Alice Street. It was temporarily closed at the Domain in 1946 and the name HMAS Moreton transferred to the Naval Headquarters building at 3 Edward Street. HMAS Moreton reopened again at the Domain in 1949.

In 1959 RAN training was transferred to the former Navy Victualling Store at New Farm. The New Farm site was then commissioned as HMAS Moreton in 1960. HMAS Moreton at New Farm had its own wharves, warehouse buildings and assembly areas.


HMAS Yarra berthed at HMAS Moreton in the early 1970's
in front of the former WWII Navy Victualling Store New Farm


HMAS Moreton at New Farm was decommissioned on 11 May 1994 when the Navy base moved to Bulimba Barracks. The nearby former Submarine Base wharf area was actually named "HMAS Moreton North" at one point. HMAS Moreton at New Farm was demolished in late 1995.

The site of the former HMAS Moreton is now occupied by the 4 - 6 storey Freshwater Apartments comprising 89 units. There is apparently an interpretive heritage display at Freshwater Apartments detailing the history of the site.



HMAS Moreton History
Official Royal Australia Navy web page



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