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The steam trawler MV Goorangai was requisitioned from Cam & Sons for naval service with the Royal Australia Navy on 8 September 1939 as an Auxiliary Minesweeper. She was commissioned as HMAS Goorangai in Melbourne on 9 October 1939. HMAS Goorangai was attached to Minesweeping Group 54 in Melbourne and operated mostly in Bass Strait.

HMAS Goorangai, was lost with all hands when it collided with the coastal liner, MV Duntroon during the evening of 20 November 1940 in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. She was enroute from Queenscliff to Portsea in Port Phillip Bay at the time of the collision. MV Duntroon struck HMAS Goorangai amidships on the port side. HMAS Goorangai was cut in half and sunk in less than a minute with the loss of the entire crew of 24 men. Only six bodies were recovered in subsequent salvage operations. The names of the 24 crew who died in this tragic accident are listed below:-

Commissioned Warrant Officer David McGregor, RANR(S)
Warrant Officer Kevin James Matheson, RANR(S)
Lieutenant Commander Gordon William Boyle, RANR, Minesweeping Advisor
Steward Bruce Buchanan, (PM2485) RANR
Ordinary Seaman Austin Carter, (PM2642) RANR
Signalman Colin Charles Cox, (PM 2920) RANR
Signalman Jack Herbert Dungey, (PM2218) RANR
Able Seaman Norman Leslie Farquharson, (PM1863) RANR
Engine Room Artificer Hugh Gilroy, (W/1437) RANR
Chief Engine Room Artificer Charles William Green, (W/1433) RANR
Ordinary Seaman Frank Rupert Hack, (PM2541) RANR
Stoker Herbert Henry Johnson, (W/1567) RANR
Ordinary Seaman Walter Vivian Johnston, (W/1322) RANR
Leading Seaman Alexander Kemp, (S999) RANR
Able Seaman Arthur Thomas Robert Ladlow, (PM2316) RANR
Ordinary Telegraphist Albert MacDonell, (PM2059) RANR
Stoker Eric Markham McLoughlin, (H1292) RANR
Cook, Montague Wilfred Madden, (PM2748) RANR
Stoker Leslie Walter Keith Mainsbridge, (W/1588) RANR
Leading Stoker John Adrian Moxey, (W/581) RANR
Engine Room Artificer Roy Pascoe Redman, (PM2755) RANR
Able Seaman John Henry Sanders, (PA1226) RANR
Petty Officer Frank Henry Wadds, (W/434) RANR
Able Seaman Raymond Wadrop, (PA846) RANR

HMAS Goorangai was the first ship lost by the Royal Australian Navy during WWII. The wreck of HMAS Goorangai was blown up in early 1941, as it was creating a hazard as it was in less than 15 metres of water in a shipping transit area.

The wreck of HMAS Goorangai was declared a historic shipwreck on the 16 November 1995 under the Historic Shipwrecks Act (1981).



HMAS Goorangai

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