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Colton Daveney enlisted in the RAAF at Wynnum Central, Brisbane, Queensland on 22 June 1942. He was born in Allora on 11 April 1923. Col Daveney started with 24 Squadron RAAF as a Fitter Armourer on 1 October 1943 and stayed with them until April 1944. He then served with 10 Repair and Salvage Unit (10 RSU) at Milne Bay and Nadzab, PNG until February 1945. LAC Colton Daveney was eventually discharged at 6 Aircraft Depot on 21 December 1945.

Whilst servicing aircraft at Madang Air Strip on 14 October 1944, Col and his mates had two surprise visitors wanting fuel. They were a Twin engined Boston (USA) Bomber, which was escorting a single engined Japanese Fighter Plane (possibly a Zero), both flown by American airmen. The Japanese aircraft had the USA Aircraft Emblem on its wings and fuselage.

The Japanese fighter had been found intact on a recently captured Jap Base much further north and it was being flown south, possibly to Lae, for shipment by boat back to the USA for Technical Evaluation.

After refuelling the Japanese aircraft, Col Daveney sat in the cockpit to complete the occasion. "With my hands of the controls it was a very rare moment, as it was in flying condition and I doubt if any other serviceman would have the same experience." Unfortunately the moment was lost, as no one had a camera.


daveney01.jpg (39614 bytes) Vultee Vengeances of 24 Squadron RAAF warm up for a mission in New Guinea. Note the white markings in the roundel.
daveney02.jpg (45325 bytes) Vultee Vengeance dive bombers, 21 Squadron warming up for a raid on Japanese targets at Nadzab, PNG, 1944.
daveney03.jpg (42297 bytes) Crew for servicing targets at Air Ground Gunnery Range, Nelsons Bay near Williamstown 4 OTU, early 1943.
daveney12.jpg (125479 bytes) Target Servicing Crew at Air to Ground Gunnery Range, Nelsons Bay, near Williamstown 4 OTU, early 1943.
daveney04.jpg (66438 bytes) 24 Squadron RAAF Camp Site Doba-Dura, PNG, October 1943. Col Daveney (at far left) and fellow armourers cooling off outside tent.
daveney07.jpg (41369 bytes) Milne Bay, PNG
daveney08.jpg (74289 bytes) Milne Bay, PNG
daveney10.jpg (146874 bytes) Cemetery, possibly Lae, PNG
daveney11.jpg (47208 bytes) Camp site 10 RSU, Nadzab, PNG, late 1944
daveney13.jpg (63044 bytes) Possibly Japanese Fighter plane, PNG. Possibly a post war photo.
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daveney20.jpg (73672 bytes)  
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daveney26.jpg (202820 bytes) Air Travel Authority for LAC Colton Daveney
daveney28.jpg (68176 bytes) Colton Daveney in civvies
daveney27.jpg (89745 bytes) LAC Colton Daveney
daveney29.jpg (50817 bytes) LAC Colton Daveney
daveney17.jpg (62080 bytes) Australian, P-40 Kittyhawk, "Come in Suckers!", PNG, 1943
daveney05.jpg (49937 bytes) B-24 Liberator, "Twin Niftys II", USA 5th Air Force, PNG, 1943
daveney09.jpg (66856 bytes) B-25 Mitchell, USA 5th Air Force, PNG
daveney30.jpg (89998 bytes) 5th Air Force USA, P-38 Lightning, PNG, 1943
daveney31.jpg (105904 bytes) USA 5th Air Force, B-24 Liberator, "Gone with the Wind", (her pants blown off), PNG, 1943.
daveney06.jpg (63863 bytes) After work. Community bathroom. All ranks in creek adjoining camp site, 24 Squadron RAAF, Doba-Dura, PNG, October 1943.
daveney32.jpg (83763 bytes) 24 Squadron RAAF Camp site Doba-Dura, PNG, October 1943, Col (2nd from right) and armourer mates getting ready for meal time.
daveney33.jpg (85713 bytes) Japanese aircraft wreck at Darwin, Northern Territory. Not sure of type of aircraft. This photo was given to Col by an ex Army chap who was based at Darwin during WW2.
daveney34.jpg (26992 bytes) 5th Air Force USA, B-24 Liberator, PNG
daveney35.jpg (86938 bytes) Darwin
daveney36.jpg (36533 bytes) Location and description unknown, maybe a Jap Cemetery. Photo given to Col by an Army chap.
daveney37.jpg (99431 bytes) Crew arriving at Gunnery Range for 2 weeks stay for repairing targets (dummy tanks and planes)
daveney38.jpg (24426 bytes) Trainers in formation at Amberley, Queensland after WW2
daveney39.jpg (27744 bytes) RAAF Lincoln at Amberley, Queensland after WW2.
daveney40.jpg (26455 bytes) On of the dummy Planes (canvas and timber, tanks likewise). We had the firearms with us just for some fun shooting to pass the time (no radios then). During the two weeks a Vultee Dive bomber would fly over from Williamstown (4 OTU) and drop food, meat, bread, etc close to our tents. No parachutes, just packed in hessian bag with straw and mostly damaged on impact but managed to sort it out.
daveney41.jpg (87878 bytes) Col Daveney at far left. Group snap on beach.
daveney42.jpg (42066 bytes) Group snap at camp.
daveney43.jpg (33453 bytes) Very long white sandy beach used by planes on sunny days in pairs, one to fire at the others shadow on the white sand. Also used to fire at dummy targets of planes and tanks which were located inland just off the beach. Hence the repair group's job.
daveney44.jpg (32760 bytes) View of wide beach. Ideal for firing practice. We were caught unaware on one occasion when two Spitfires arrived earlier than expected and fired on the Dummy Tanks and Planes. We took cover behind some large gum trees that were in the area. There were no mobile phones then to warn us of changes to time tables.

Note: the above photos and clippings were supplied to me from Col Daveney.


SAD NEWS:- It was sad to hear the news that Col Daveney passed away in Nazareth House, Wynnum at about 1am on Monday 25 April 2016 (Anzac Day).



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