The Recruiting Drive Committee Committee of the Royal Australian Air Force had a meeting in Charleville, Queensland on Tuesday 24 March 1942. After a lengthy discussion on the ways and means of forming a branch of the Air Training Corps in Charleville, it was finally decided, that owing to the shortage of instructors, the scheme would be temporarily deferred.

An Air Training Corps Flight was finally formed in Charleville in May 1944. Flight Lieutenant Moran, the Adjutant of No. 3 Wing of the ATC advised Mr. A. A. Morrison that the flight would be inaugurated probably on 6 May 1944. F/Lt Moran advised that those who had handed in an application form for enrolment in the ATC would be allowed to inspect the Lancaster bomber which was due to visit Charleville on a Victory Loan tour. As of Friday 21 April 1944, fifteen applications had been received. Mr. E. J. Heuschele and Mr J. J. Love, both of the State School would be some of the instructors. Service instructors were to be used for drill and morse code training.


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