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No. 313 Radar Station RAAF was established at Mascot in Sydney and was posted as follows during World War 2:-

Mascot, NSW
Horn Island, QLD
Mornington Island, QLD
Townsville, QLD
Green Island, QLD
Jacquinot Bay, NB

RAAF Radar Station No. 313 was located at the southern end of Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Flying Officer R.J. Brown and 35 RAAF personnel were attached to this Radar unit. There was a small new airfield adjacent to the Radar Station for the delivery of supplies, etc.

In about November 1943 spurious radar echoes were recorded circling a section of the island about 10 - 15 miles north west of the Radar Station. An investigation to identify the aircraft proved inconclusive. On 14 January 1944 the on-duty crew at the Radar Station detected another single unidentified aircraft circling in the same area.

On 15 January 1944, the local Aborigines reported seeing a large black ship attempting to land on the beach about 15 miles north west of the Radar Station. After four unsuccessful attempts the ship headed for nearby Rocky Island. 


Possible Japanese landing on Mornington Island
and nearby Rocky Island in January 1944



"The Hidden Chapters - Untold Stories of Australians at war in the Pacific"
by Robert Piper


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