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10 Squadron RAAF was formed on 1 July 1939 as a General Reconnaissance Squadron at Point Cook in Victoria. Squadron Leader L. Lachal was its first Commanding Officer. It had a mixture of aircraft as follows:-

- Supermarine Seagull V amphibians
- a de Havilland DH.60 Moth floatplane
- a Supermarine Southampton flying boat

By July 1939 a number of pilots and ground crew were off to the United Kingdom to take delivery of their new Sunderland flying boats. They were based at Pembroke Dock during WW2. They were the first Australian Squadron to see action during WW2. After World War 2, No. 10 Squadron was re-equipped with long-nosed Avro Lincoln bombers.


Crash of a Supermarine Seagull
near Warburton, VIC on 26 October 1939


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10sqn04.jpg (26378 bytes) See the bunker from the above photo
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10sqn18.jpg (62429 bytes) A.G. Blundell and a friend in London
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Photo:- via Graeme Gill

Group photo 10 Squadron RAAF. Eric Fennel back row 2nd from right


Photo:- via Graeme Gill

Group photo 10 Squadron RAAF. Eric Fennel back row 2nd from left.


Photo:- via Graeme Gill

Eric Fennel of 10 Squadron RAAF



"Maritime is Number Ten - The Sunderland Era"
by Flight Lieutenant K.C. Baff RAAF



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