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Lieutenant Colonel Chih Wang (Wang Zhi) was sent as an observer to the Philippines before the start of WWII and was assigned to the Philippines Army Headquarters at Bataan. He had been a West Point graduate.

Lt. Col. Chih Wang was evacuated to Australia from the Philippines on board Robert Strickland's B-25 Mitchell, when it returned from the Royce Mission in April 1942.

Chih Wang played tennis with Weldon E. "Dusty" Rhoades, who was General Douglas MacArthur and General Richard Sutherland's pilot.

He was suspected, but cleared of leaking some military information late in the war. He was only "guilty" of using outdated, less secure codes though.


Photo:- AWM

On board USS General S. D. Sturgis, At Sea. 29 August 1945. Lieutenant General Chu
Shih Ming (1) and Major General Wang Chih (2) speaking with Colonel L. Moore Cosgrave (3),
Canadian representative, on their way to the Surrender Ceremony in Tokyo Bay, Japan.


On 25 October 1943, Chih Wang flew the Double Sunrise flight from Perth to Colombo Sri Lanka, and then over the hump to meet with Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek to deliver MacArthur's operational plans.

At some stage in 1943, his wife (Zuo Fang) and son joined him in Australia. Their son who now lives in Michigan, USA, was born in 1937 or 1938, and started school in Sydney. His mother worked in the Chinese consulate in Sydney.

Colonel Chih Wang, returned from Chungking and met with General Douglas MacArthur at 1300 hours on Friday 12 May 1944. He presented a message and photograph of Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai Shek.

At 1700 hours on Tuesday 20 June 1944, Dr. Hsu Mo, the Chinese Minister, Dr. Tuan, Chinese Consul General, and Major General Chih Wang met with General Douglas MacArthur.

Major General Chih Wang and Dr. Chau, the Chinese Minister to Australia, met with General Douglas MacArthur at 1700 hours on Sunday 9 July 1944.

Major Generals Lin and Chih Wang, Chinese Army met with General MacArthur at 1700 hours on Wednesday 6 September 1944.

General Chih Wang, Chinese Liaison Officer met with General MacArthur at 1745 hours on Thursday 10 May 1945.

Brisbane Military Telephone Directory for February 1945 had the following entry:-


Major Gen. Wang, Chih        206 AMP    AMP758
   Capt. Lu, N. Y.                     207 AMP    AMP759

Major General Chih Wang and other senior Chinese officers arrived in Manila on or before 22 August 1945 to represent Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek at the Japanese Surrender Term talks. Major General Chih Wang then attended the Japanese Surrender on board USS Missouri on 2 September 1945. Chih Wang served in Tokyo after the war as the Chief Chinese Liaison in MacArthur's headquarters until he returned to China in 1946.



"The Battle of Bataan"
by Donald J. Young



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