His mother Josephine Goulevitch (nee Katsuba) on 11 April 1972

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His father Basil Goulevitch

It is believed that Basil Goulevitch was born on 31 December 1897 in Warsaw, Poland the son of Evan Goulevitch.

Basil was a soldier in the Zcars Russian Army. Basil and his family fled Siberia and lived in Shangai for a few years. They had earlier migrated with the Shemlovski family from 3 villages in Central Russia to Manchuria.

Basil travelled in the hold of the ship S.S. Tango Maru which left Tokyo, Japan and arrived in Townsville, on 1 October 1924. He travelled with Jan Shemlovski. They had both been farmers. They travelled to Australia before the rest of the family to get a job to help pay their passage to Australia. The rest of their families left Tokyo, Japan on the same ship and arrived in Townsville on 1 April 1925.

The Master of the S.S. Tango Maru was Y. Arakida. The Tango Maru had a gross tonnage of 6893.04 tons and a net tonnage of 4238.48 tons. The ship was aon a voyage from Yokohama to Melbourne. It's ship No. was 9330 and it was a member of the Japan Australian Line.

Jan's father Basil joined the RAAF (Service No. 44433) and was a Steward in the Officer's Mess on Horn Island. On one occasion while Basil was on his way to Brisbane on leave, he was mustered off the train at Rockhampton by his son, Jan Goulevitch. His son was unaware that his father had joined the services.

Basil was killed when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Mount Isa, north Queensland, Australia.


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