ON 23 OCTOBER 1942

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On 23 October 1942, B-25C Mitchell #41-12889, "Yankee Vengeance" of the 71st Bombardment Squadron of the 38th Bomb Group went missing in action on a flight from Schwimmers Drome (then Laloki Drome), Port Moresby, New Guinea to Garbutt Airfield in Townsville.

The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) for this crash states that the aircraft's last reported position was at 0930 hours when it was spotted on radar 25 miles from Townsville. This does not seem to line up with it being found north of Cairns.

Those missing and believed dead at the time were as follows:-

2nd Lt Edward Q. May Jr (0-789186)
2nd Lt Harry E. Washer (0-725646)
2nd Lt Jack D. Mills (0-660882)
Pvt Dale M. Collins (33104719)


Note:- I had received an unconfirmed report that the wreckage of this aircraft was apparently not found until February 1944 north of Cairns. I'm unable to find my original source for this unsubstantiated information at this stage so it should be treated with caution.



I'd like to thank Dave Gansz who sent me a copy of the MACR for this accident.



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