ON 23 JANUARY 1942


Two P-40E Warhawks returned to Amberley Airfield on 23 January 1942 after a local flight. 2nd Lt James V. Hamilton O-421082 in P-40E Warhawk #41-5398 #95, landed first, but his undercarriage collapsed on final roll out. 2nd Lt Hamilton then exited his Warhawk and walked to his wing tip. The second P-40E Warhawk #41-5415 #98, piloted by 2nd Lt James "Joe" Morehead, landed and just missed the other aircraft but its wing tip hit 2nd Lt Hamilton in the back. 2nd Lt. Hamilton died later in Hospital. Due to the high nose up profile of the P-40E Warhawk, the pilot of the second P-40E did not see first P-40E pilot when rolling out on landing.

2nd Lt James V. Hamilton O-421082 was the first USAAF P-40E Warhawk pilot to die in Australia. He was buried in the USAF Military Cemetery at Ipswich on 24 January 1942. Both pilots were part of the 20th Pursuit Squadron (Provisional).



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