At about 11:30am on 17 February 1942, NEIAF Dutch transport aircraft, Lockheed Lodestar LT-919, made a forced landing at Chinchilla Airfield due to engine problems. It was piloted by Captain Book and carried a crew of eight officers and enlisted men. The Lodestar landed safely with no injuries to the crew. Captain Boot advised Queensland Police Constable Smith (No. 3491) from the Chinchilla Police Station that they were on a flight from Cloncurry to Archerfield and had to make a forced landing after trouble with one engine.

Captain Boot rang RAAF officials at Archerfield Airfield and advised them of the forced landing. Constable Smith described the Lockheed Lodestar as "a twin engined Monoplane, transport type, painted green, with orange coloured triangle mark under wings, No. L.T.919".

At about 2pm on that same day, the RAAF Commanding Officer at Archerfield rang Constable Smith requesting to talk with Captain Boot so that he could make arrangements for their conveyance to Brisbane. The RAAF CO initially told Constable Smith that he was sending an aircraft from Archerfield to fly the Dutch crew back to Brisbane. However after he spoke with Captain Boot about the state of the airfield at Chinchilla it was agreed that Captain Boot and four other crew members would travel to Brisbane by car.

Later that same day Captain Boot and four of his crew members left at about 5:30pm in a car provided by the Chinchilla Police. Sub Lieutenant Ooninex was left in charge of the aircraft and the mechanics working on the faulty engines. The Chinchilla Police provided whatever assistance they could and a Police guard was provided on the nights of the 17th and 18th February 1942. Corporal William Bayley, with the Home Defence Service, guarded the aircraft on the evening of 19 February 1942 as the Chinchilla Police had some urgent work that night. Corporal Bayley was on leave at the time. This was possibly William Henry Bailey (Q225387) of the 7th Battalion VDC who was probably on sick leave at that time. Sub Lieutenant Ooninex paid Corporal Bayley for his services.

The engines were repaired and the aircraft took off for Archerfield Airfield at about 10:30am on 20 February 1942. The Dutch crew paid for their own accommodation whilst they stayed in Chinchilla.


Note:- Lockheed Lodestar LT-919 was MSN 2123 and later had the military designation of C-56B-LO and was allocated Serial No. 42-68353. It was later allotted to ANA in March 1942 with Radio Callsign VHCAG. It was destroyed in a Japanese raid on Jackson's Field, Port Moresby on 17 August 1942.



Lockheed Lodestar - Dutch Lodestars

Police Report - Queensland State Library



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