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1st Lieutenant William Lambert Anderson (0-1699387) of the 35th Fighter Squadron, 8th Fighter Group, crashed his P-40N Kittyhawk at Eagle Farm Airfield in Brisbane, Queensland at about 8:30 am on 13 September 1943 after his aircraft engine failed during takeoff, and the plane crashed back on the runway. 1st Lt. Anderson received 3rd degree burns and a fractured skull as a result of this tragic accident.

William Anderson's mother told Richard Jenkins, a cousin of William Lambert, that he had crashed his plane on takeoff. It was believed that the aircraft’s engine failed. It was said that he was crushed to death by the aircraft’s engine. The cause of death as indicated on the form below indicates, "3rd degree burns, and fracture of skull due to air crash".

The book "Attack and Conquer describes this crash as follows:-

“September 13, 1943: 1st Lt. William L. Anderson (35th). P-40N. He was a native of Manchester, Connecticut, and was probably a fairly recent arrival in the 35th. At about 8:30 in the morning he was taking off in what may have been his orientation or perhaps a ferry flight in the P-40. he was killed instantly when his fighter suffered engine failure and crashed back on the strip."

Richard Jenkins told me that 1st Lt. Anderson was an experienced pilot. He had received his flying wings while in the service of the Royal Canadian Air Force prior to America’s involvement in World War II. Within days of America entering the war, he requested transfer to the United States Army Air Force and was assigned the task of instructor pilot at a flight training base in Louisiana. He soon volunteered to be assigned to a fighter squadron seeing action and was transferred to the South Pacific.

1st Lieutenant William Lambert Anderson was buried at the U.S. Military Cemetery Ipswich in Grave No. 188 on 15 September 1943. His body remained at Ipswich until 20 December 1947 when all Americans were exhumed and efforts began to collect all US dead throughout the South West Pacific destined for reburial on American soil.


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The above articles indicate that an American aircraft crashed at about 10:30am one day that week into some Civil Constructional Corps huts in a C.C.C. Camp at Chermside.



I'd like to thank Richard Jenkins for his assistance with this web page. Richard is the cousin of 1st Lieutenant William L. Anderson of the 35th Fighter Squadron of the 8th Fighter Group.



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