ON 17 JUNE 1941

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At approximately 1345 hours on 17 June 1941, Avro Anson N.9902 of No. 3 Service Flying Training School (3 S.F.T.S.) at Amberley Airfield, crashed near Dinmore, approximately 5 miles east of Ipswich. All on board were killed as follows:-

Sergeant James Edwards (407002)
LAC Bernard William Reynolds (404894)
LAC Herbert Edgar Pym (404832)

The aircraft was meant to be on an instrument flying exercise, but the Unit was not able to ascertain after the crash either the nature of the accident or its cause. The Probable Cause of the accident was listed as "Obscure". The aircraft was a total write-off.

Lee Lyon's mother, Iris Lyon (nee Mortimer), recalls seeing a RAAF aircraft crash when she was five or six years old. She lived at New Chum near Dinmore at the time and the aircraft was travelling west towards Amberley Airfield and came over their house very low and very very loud. Two people were hanging out of the windows screaming. The aircraft crashed about 1 km from the house in bushland.


The Courier Mail, Brisbane Wednesday 18 June 1941

3 Killed In Air Crash At Dinmore

TWO Air Force trainees and their instructor were killed when a service plane crashed at Dinmore, near Ipswich, yesterday while on instrument flying exercises as part of advanced training.

The men were:

Sergt. Staff Pilot Instructor James Edwards, 26, married, of South Australia, and formerly of Essex, England.

Leading Aircraftsman Bernard William Reynolds, 22, single, of Clermont, Queensland.

Leading Aircraftsman Herbert Edgar Pym, 24, married, of Malanda, North Queensland.

'We saw the aeroplane flying smoothly in wide circles, when something must have gone wrong, and it dived down, roaring like thunder.' said an eye-witness of the crash.

Soon after the crash Air Force officials travelled from Amberley, nine miles away, and picketed the wreckage.


The official report of the accident issued by the Air Force last night is: -

"'While on instrument flying exercises as part of their advanced training L.A.C.'s Bernard William Reynolds, of Clermont, Queensland, and Herbert Edgar Pym, of Malanda, North Queensland, pupil pilots, along with Sergeant Staff Pilot Instructor James Edwards, were killed when a plane crashed at Dinmore, near Ipswich, at 1.45 p.m.

"The plane was totally damaged, and the occupants were killed instantly. The reason for the accident is obscure. The plane dived from a considerable height and crashed into timber.


"Before joining the air force in April,1940, Edwards was a manufacturing chemist. He was 26, married, and formerly of Essex. England.

"For several years he was an A grade Rugby player in South Australia. He was in the militia for two years, and received his elementary flying training at Parafield, South Australia.

"Reynolds and Pym joined the air force together on December 6, 1940, at No. 3 Recruiting Centre, in Brisbane, went to Bradfield Park together, and were completing their training together at Amberley.

"Reynolds was 22, single, and formerly was a linotype operator on the Bulletin, Rockhampton. He once captained the Boys' Grammar School at Rockhampton.

"Pym was 24, and married. He was a public servant before joining the air force, and was employed in the C.P.S. office at Cairns. He was , educated at the Caims High School."



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