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At 0635 hours on 12 December 1943 C-47A Dakota #42-100470 of the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron, 374th Troop Carrier Group left Mackay en route to APO 929 Port Moresby, when it crashed at Mackay in north Queensland. The pilot was unable to either retract or extend and lock the right main gear after takeoff. The landing gear started to collapse on landing so the pilot attempted to go around. The oil pressure on the right engine dropped to zero and the engine started to smoke shortly afterwards and the right propeller ran away. The pilot attempted an emergency landing on the left gear and then the left engine failed to stop when the switches were cut. The propeller from the left engine came off and went through the fuselage.

CREW was as follows:-

2nd Lt. Ira A. Adams 0888710 (pilot)
2nd Lt. Leo W. Zimmerman 0753267 (co-pilot)
S/Sgt Edmund W. Whatley 34199852 (engineer)
Sgt. Charles E. Lucas 58176648 (radio operator)

PASSENGERS were as follows:-

S/Sgt Theodore Garzybowicz 6997510? (minor injuries)
S/Sgt John W. Sands 13027226
Sgt. Raymond T. Breech 19053514?
Sgt. James T. Inskip (minor injuries)
M/Sgt Francis Larkin (minor injuries)
S/Sgt Simon R. Wiess (fatal)
S/Sgt Andreas Zimbelman 38085780
Sgt. Henry Timmermann? (minor injuries)
S/Sgt Francis Donovan 11042132
Cpl William Jeffers 14058338
Cpl Herman L. Rubeck 35258916 (minor injuries)
T/4 Clifford W. Leake 36109725?
S/Sgt Donald L. Jordan 17030568?
Cpl James Burk 34145402
Pfc. Richard C. Lundquist 1?047705
Pfc. John Casey Jr. 14158552?
Cpl. Homer L. Parker 1?075942

S/Sgt Simon R Wiess died as a result of a fractured skull and internal injuries, possibly due to the propeller penetrating the fuselage.



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