USAAF B-24 Liberator #42-40509 (D-65-CO), "Nothing Sacred", of the 529 Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force, crashed into Sugar Loaf Hill, 3 miles from Fenton airfield in the Northern Territory south east of Darwin on 21 September 1943 when approaching for a landing at night time. The aircraft was flown by the Parris crew from the 530th Bomb Squadron. 


Wreckage of "Nothing Sacred"


The crew of ten were all killed. The only survivor was an extra passenger, a photographer. Those killed were:-

Lt. Hugh B. Parris
Archibald S. Mills, Jr.
Andrew B. Edwards, Jr.
Urban V.W. Darlington
Leonard R. Greene
Dossie J. Odom
Ralph T. Newbold
Albert Mirarchi
William O. Miller
LaVerne F. Parsons

They had been on their first mission, which was to Langgoer Islands. There were 3 Flights who flew on that mission as follows:-

"A" Flight
"Old Hickory" (#827) Maj. Jack Bratton
"Little Joe" (#532) Lt. Wilbur Morris
"Nothing Sacred" (#509) Lt. Hugh Parris

"B" Flight
"Juarez Whistle" (#496) Capt. John Dennis
"80 Day Major" (#508) Lt. Joe Cesario
"Queer Deer" (#935) Lt. Marv Baker

"C" Flight
"She Asta" (#512) Capt. Clete Cunningham
"The Golden Goose" (#521) Lt. Dexter Baker
"Miss Giving" (#489) Capt. Jack Banks

Their mission was to destroy the recently discovered airfield at Langgoer. The target was covered in clouds on their first approach. The clouds appeared to be breaking up when they made their second approach. They were immediately attacked by about two dozen "Zero" and "Nick" Japanese fighter aircraft. Within a short time, four Liberators had been hit by the Japanese aircraft. Jack Bratton's Liberator shot down two Japanese aircraft.

Wilbur Morris's B-24 was hit and its number four engine blew up. It eventually crash landed. Hugh Parris's "Nothing Sacred"  also lost an engine. He dropped his bomb load and fought his way out of the area. 

Marvin Baker's aircraft had its Number Three engine shot out. Baker and Dennis were able to bomb the target. Cesario shot down two Japanese aircraft but failed to drop his bombs on the target.

Cunningham also had an engine shot out and the aircraft was badly shot up. They shot down three Japanese aircraft.

On their return to Australia, Cunningham and Baker landed their damaged aircraft at Darwin. Parris decided to fly on to his home base at Fenton airfield. They crashed into Sugar Loaf Hill three miles short of Fenton airfield.

Duke Sumonia is searching for information on Sgt Ralph T Newbold, of the 530 Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force, who was killed in this crash. Sgt. Newbold was R/O, Turret Gunner in the B-24 Liberator.


"Nothing Sacred" of the 529th Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group
This is probably a crew from the 529th Bomb Squadron


"Nothing Sacred" on the day it crashed



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