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In December 1943 A Beaufighter from 10OTU crashed near Langunyah railway siding about 5 miles north of Tocumwal Airfield in New South Wales. The Beaufighter was one of two Beaufighters returning from a tactical training exercise against some Spitfires at Mildura.

Nola Scott was almost 12 years old in December 1943 when this Beaufighter crashed in Rushlight Swamp, a dry swamp bed in a paddock just across the railway line from her parents farm near Langunyah siding, five miles north of Tocumwal. No-one was killed in the crash.

I was a drought time and teh swamp was dry. The engines were ripped off teh aircraft on impact and caught fire when they collided together about 25 yards behind the main wreckage. The aviation fule poured out of a pipe from one of the fuel tanks. Nola's father closed the pipe off with his large fencing pliers he had grabbed from his tool box on the header. The wrecakge laid there for about two weeks under guard before it was removed.

Nola does not remember anyone being badly injured. Apparently one crew member had a sprained ankle. Nola and her older sister ran across the paddock, the road and railway line, through a fence and across another couple of hundred yards to the crashed aircraft. They pulled bits of metal off the broken fuselage to scrape dry earth over spilled fuel. Nola does not remember seeing the crew.

When her father and brother reached them, they made them get away from the wreckage in case of fire. It was a hot summer day. Nola's father and brother had been harvesting wheat in a paddock farther away and had to leave the horses to look after themselves.

Nola said that the Beaufighters were not stationed at Tocumwal. One of her late brothers told her a few years ago that they used to come up from an RAAF station in Victoria for training. Nola had been told that their farmhouse was on the path of the "inner bumps and circuits".



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