Subject:     WWII Americians Based in Brisbane
Date:          Sun, 25 Jun 2000 18:31:16 EST
From:         "Bridgett Gerrard" <bridgettgerrard@hotmail.com>


While searching for information about my Grandfather, I was excited to come across your web site. You see my Grandfather (an Americian Marine) was based in Brisbane during WWII and this is where he met my Grandmother and during this time my father was born. Unfortunately we don't have much information to go on as both my grandmother and father have passed away.

The information I have is as follows:-


NATIONALITY: Africian Americian

SHIP: Mariposa (???)

DATES: 1942 - 1944 (Approximate dates in Brisbane)

KNOWN FAMILY: Brother - Robert & Sisters - Sadie & Caroline

FATHER: William Brown

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 53 Kennedy Street, Charleston, South Carolina

APPROXIMATE AGE: 80 years plus

He was based in Brisbane for about three years and departed Brisbane around the 25th September, 1944 or 1945. His approximate age at this time was 24 years old and at this time he was from Charleston in South Carolina.

Another site that we have come across is the Lest We Forget - Yankies in Australia. Although the Quatermasters and Batillions that the last lists are not listed on your site.

We are very keen to find out more information about this man, anything or any other avenues you think may be helpful, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely




Subject:    Hello Peter
Date:             Mon, 26 Jun 2000 20:14:43 EST
From:           "Bridgett Gerrard" <bridgettgerrard@hotmail.com>

Hi Peter,

Thanks for returning the e.mail so quickly. I'm sorry but we really don't have any more information than what I have already listed. As you can imagine I am having trouble - I can' t even seem to find information on that Ship (Mariposa).

The Web site I mentioned is a WWII Lest We Forget site. Scroll down to SPECIAL REQUESTS and listed here is Yanks Downunder - Where were you in '42?

Also if you scroll down some more there is another listing under PACIFIC THEATRE called Africian-Americian Troops in Australia 1942 - 1945 - Coming Soon. This should be extremely interesting when available. Any suggestions on finding out how to find out when it will be open.

Thanks for all your help.


Dion Gadd


Can anyone help Dion with more information on William Brown?


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I need your help


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