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Subject:    WW2 Airfields
Date:            Sun, 29 Oct 2000 17:26:39 +1100
From:           "Don Gale" <>

I found your internet site very interesting. I was looking for an airfield in New South Wales called WING V. I don't know much about it but it was near a small town or location called Triamble on the eastern side of the end of Burrendong Dam. Nearest big town would be Mudgee or Hargraves. The person who told me about it used to go shooting on the property years ago. He said it had a long runway and half buried in a creek near it were large radial engines. A lot of Bailey mat had been used for fences. I don't know if it was very secret or if it was not of much importance but I have never seen any reference to it.




Subject:    Triamble
Date:              Wed, 1 Nov 2000 09:11:47 +0930
From:           "Dennis Whiley" <>

Hi Peter

I have never heard of the airfield called WING V but there was an airfield near Triamble

I do not know anything about it other than it was there, It could have been a satellite of Parkes which was a major base, at one time 618 (RAF) Squadron used Parkes as their main base, and there were a number of satellite airfields built in the area for their use. You may remember that 618 was a similar squadron to 617 in that they both used the bouncing bomb as their main weapon. So to have an airfield out of the way near a large expanse of water could make sense. Lets hope that we find out more about the place anyway.

Triamble airfield number 856 location 32.53's 149.15'e pre war a licensed airfield abandoned by 1950.

I have attached a map of the area not a good map but is over 60 years old so I jess we can not complain too much.

The airfield was a pre war station airfield and I do have a re 1940 plan which I could send if you want



Triamble airfield



Subject:    Triamble
Date:             Mon, 6 Nov 2000 10:13:30 +1100
From:           "Don Gale" <>

Good morning Peter

I had a chat with the man who told me about Triamble. The name WING V appears to be the property name and was named after the airfield or group there.

The property was owned by Dick Smith.

There is a memorial there for a pilot and crew killed there.

There are two strips there, the main one and another. Maybe one was the original pre war strip.

The main strip was Baily mat.

It seems it was a secret airfield and at one stage there was 4000 planes there ready for the Pacific.If that is right then thats a lot of planes.

That is all I could find out.


Don Gale


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