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1 Australian Farm Company, AASC

1st Australian Field Survey Section, Royal Australian Engineers

2 Torpedo Maintenance Unit RAAF (2TMU)

2 Mil Hist & Inf Sec 2 Camp Hosp 3 Coy AASC

5 Rapid Development and Installation Unit (5 RIMU)

6 Inf Div Empl Pl

9 Army Tps Coy

11 Australian War Graves Unit 11 Signals Unit RAAF 13 L of C Salvage Section Camp
(or 13 Salv Unit)
19 Inf Bde Empl Pl 22 Radar RAAF 27th Australian Infantry Battalion
(The SA Scottish Regiment)

28th Australian Infantry Battalion

37 Baking Adelaide River Field Bakery

43rd Materiel Squadron, 46th AB Gp

44 RDF Wing 51 Fd Amn Depot
51 FAD RSD Camp)
54 Fd Pk Coy

81 Fd Ord Depot

101 Adv Dep Med Stores

115 Mob Bath Unit

116 Mob Bath Unit

119 Australian General Hospital (119 AGH)


135th Medical Regiment
Camped at Birdum, NT prior July 1944, then Adelaide River, NT

  No. 150 Radar Station
Laverton, VIC
Darwin, NT
Adelaide River, NT
Barrimah (or Berrimah?), NT

No. 161 Radar Station
Richmond, NSW
Adelaide River, NT
Anjo, NT
58 Mile, NT
Sattler, NT

No. 321 Radar Station
Mascot, NSW
Adelaide River, NT
Millingimbi, NT
Yirrkala, NT
997th Signal Service Battalion  
AACS (Australian Army Canteens Service) Area Headquarters Camp - Adelaide River Army Farm No 2 (White Russia)
Abattoirs Mount Bundy BIPOD (Bulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot) Camp Hospital - Adelaide River
C Sec 8 Inf Div Amn Sub Pk Convalescent Depot Det 4 Pnr Lab Coy 
Det 3 Fd Butchery Det Adv Ord Wksp Details Depot Adelaide River
Dist Sup Depot (Adelaide River) Engineer Intelligence Section at Brooks Fd Post Office No 137
Fleet Radio Unit Adelaide River
US Navy
FSD Camp Gas Camps RAAF
HQ 11 Sup Pers Coy HQ 12 Fd Bakery NT Force Bulk Issue Pet & Oil Dep
NT Force Farm Sec NT Force Amb Train NT Force Fd Svy Sec
NT Force Graves Reg & Enq Unit ORD Workshop 9 AOVP Power House - Adelaide River number 1
RAAF Adelaide River, aerodrome RAE Camp RAN Snake Creek
RAN Transmitting Station
(Small transmitter associated with Royal Australian Navy W/T Station Coonawarra)
Rear HQ NT Force RTO Adelaide River
Survey Section, 6 Australian Army Topo, Survey Company United States Navy-Royal Australian Navy, Wireless Telegraph Station United States 145 Hospital
(Previously at Birdum -
11 Signals Unit RAAF took over
their camp area at Birdum)
US Base Sec No 1 Adv HQ War Graves Unit Camp Works COY. Laundry 


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