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Subject:      8th PRS
Date:              Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:21:25 -0000
From:             Korzun David L Capt 8 FTS/F FLT <>


My name is Capt. Dave Korzun and I'm an instructor pilot with the 8th Flying Training Squadron (8th FTS), Vance AFB, OK. In case you didn't know, the 8th PRS was reactivated in 1972 as the 8th FTS. When the 8th was reactivated, the unit had been given an emblem similar to it's parent organization, the 71st Flying training wing. The Emblem in no way resembled the unofficial emblem used by the 8th PRS while stationed at Port Moresby, Australia. In 1990, the squadron petitioned for, and receved permission to change it's emblem to resemble the "unofficial" emblem. Our unit is looking to remake the emblem one last time - we would like to have the emblem resemble, as closely as possible, the insignia as shown on page 31 of "THE EIGHT BALLERS: EYES OF THE FIFTH AIRFORCE" by John Stanaway and Bob Rocker.

I'm writing you in hopes that you may have information about the patch's hearaldry, as it was never an official unit emblem, as far I my unit has been able to determine. If you have any information, or possibly a color photograph of the emblem I would greatly appreciate either a scan of the picture and any help you may provide.

Capt Dave Korzun
8FTS/C Flt
Vance AFB, OK 73705

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8th Flying Training Squadron


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