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Subject:     EAGLE FARM
Date:              Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:56:07 -0500
From:            Frederick Chew <fredchew@comcast.net>

I was a Member of The 44TH Depot Repair Squadron At "EAGLE FARM" IN 1943. 5th Air Force, 81ST Air Depot Group.

Worked With "PAPPY GUNN" P.I. GUNN.

Helped Install The 75 MM Cannon In the B-25. And all sorts of Combat Modifications. I Have a wonderful Album of WW2 Photos. Feel free to use any.

Fred Chew.... Please drop me a E-MAIL

Frederick Chew Ham-N1BJY Marine SSB-KWS578
WW-2 44Th Depot Repair Squadron Australia - New Guinea - Philippines
E-MAIL fredchew@comcast.net



Subject:    EAGLE FARM
Date:             Tue, 14 Nov 2000 07:56:06 -0500
From:           Frederick Chew <fredchew@comcast.net>

Thanks For The E-MAIL

The 44Th Depot Repair Squadron went From "Eagle Farm" At Brisbane to "Finschhefen" New Guinea. There we constructed a major Combat Overhaul & Modification Base. We even tried to install a 75 MM Cannon in a P-38. Lots of stories. I am 76 years old now, was a Graduate of "Embry Riddle School of Aviation" and ran a Flying school in 1946. Had 14 Aircraft. Been a pilot ever since.

From New Guinea we went to "Clark Field" In the Philippines. Have lots of photos.... Even Designed and built my own aircraft from the bare Materials. Please send E-Mail and feel free to use any photos you like. Now retired, Worked 25 years in Design for the RAYTHEON SUBMARINE SIGNAL DIVISION in Portsmouth R.I.

You Have a Great Presentation.... I Will Never Forget the Australian People..... Still E-Mail To Those I knew in 1943.

Fred Chew



Subject:    P-38 BUZZ "Eagle Farm"
Date:             Tue, 14 Nov 2000 08:24:40 -0500
From:           Frederick Chew <fredchew@comcast.net>

Greetings Mate

I Thought you would like to have this Authentic P-38 Buzz Job Sound. It Will Great to hear from you again.

PS My Last name is English & Scottish (Just for the record ) Hi Hi

Fred Chew

P-38 Sound File (Warning this file is 544Kbytes)


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