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Camp Sandy Creek was located about 6 kms from Gawler in South Australia which had a WWII airfield. The camp was located about 1 kms from the Sandy Creek Hotel. The US Army 32nd Infantry Division, the famous Red Arrows, were camped at Camp Sandy Creek during WWII. They arrived in Port Adelaide on 14 May 1942 were stationed and trained at Camp Woodside and Camp Sandy Creek. In July 1942 they moved to Camp Cable, in Queensland.



Subject:   Camp Sand Creek.......Dry Creek
Date:       Sun, 15 Apr 2001 15:22:59 +1000
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I greatly appreciate your sending me your site "Australians at War" where I have done a lot of searching...........

My father was stationed somewhere in Australia during 43/44 I believed it was in the NT,....... but just now I have found a base Camp Sand Creek in South mother was managing a hotel in SA during this time, when she met my father..........could you identify where exactly the Camp Sand Creek was????? I don't know the name of the hotel she managed.....but I had an idea it was called Dry Creek??????

By the way Dad was with the 5th Air Force, 380th BG 529th BS,..........any help.??

Regards Kat



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