The 92nd Quartermaster Company, a negro unit, was based at Reid River during WWII. In June 1942 the 96th Engineers Battalion, another negro unit, was posted to Reid River to join up with the 92nd Quartermaster Company. Negro units were nearly always commanded by white officers.

The 92nd Quartermaster Company had 4 Officers and 107 Enlisted Men in July 1942. They are mentioned in a report by Chaplain E.R. Coochrun on 3 July 1942 to the Commanding General, U.S.A.F.I.A. after a tour of inspection of Cairns, Cooktown, and Horn Island to ascertain conditions in those areas. He describes the 92nd Quartermaster Company as one of a number of units "now located in areas so distant from the organization chaplains that they do not have any services of the Chaplains".

The 92nd Quartermaster Truck Company along with the 29th Quartermaster Truck Company, the 48th Quartermaster Truck Company, the 349th Quartermaster Truck Company, the 91st Engineer General Service Regiment , the 96th Engineer General Service Regiment, the 810th Engineer Aviation Battalion and the 811th Engineer Aviation Battalion were camped at Cumberland Grove, at Liverpool, New South Wales at various times during WWII. The site is now the Cumberland Grove Country Club.



Cumberland Grove Country Club


Was the 92nd Quartermasters Company ever camped at
the northern end of Mount Louisa in Townsville?


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