Carr's Quarry
on Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge,
full of military equipment from WW2


nye01.jpg (31947 bytes) Getting close to the mud level... only 50 feet of mud to go... wonder what is hidden in there?
nye02.jpg (28232 bytes) A bit earlier. The two entrances to the "Bunker" are clearly visible. In the background are the Nissen hangars built during the war. Supposedly a tunnel linked the "Bunker" to them.
nye03.jpg (33894 bytes) Looking East -> West across the Hole.
nye04.jpg (32067 bytes) Engine mounts, mainly for Merlins are visible on the grass above the pump.
nye05.jpg (32522 bytes) Dakota wheel visible near the bottom right of photo.
nye06.jpg (28038 bytes) "There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats"  - The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame.
nye07.jpg (42854 bytes) Note the fine silt in the water.
nye08.jpg (45204 bytes) Terry Kelly (top) and one of the Army Bomb Disposal blokes.
nye09.jpg (32350 bytes) Something else that might have gone "bang".
nye10.jpg (32359 bytes) One that wouldn't have gone "bang". Wooden practice bomb.
nye11.jpg (50056 bytes) 2" Mortar
nye12.jpg (47116 bytes) Cockpit canopy and armoured seat from a Mosquito. The flame tubes in the background were from a Rolls Royce Goblin (?) ex Vampire jet, indicating that post War, dumping was still going on
nye13.jpg (29512 bytes) "I think it's still ticking".
nye14.jpg (47065 bytes) Tony Nye's son, Jack, with the Japanese Type 97 L.M.G. - based on the same Czech design as our Bren.
nye15.jpg (46395 bytes) 20mm Hispano Suiza cannon after the armourer's tender attentions.
nye16.jpg (47088 bytes) Browning .50's and Hispano-Suiza barrels.
nye17.jpg (48884 bytes) As-found & post water blasted. The weapons were in surprisingly good condition.
nye18.jpg (51944 bytes) As-found & post water blasted. The weapons were in surprisingly good condition.
nye19.jpg (38157 bytes) B17 mid-upper turret getting it's first bath in nearly 50 years.
nye20.jpg (47288 bytes) Great things, those Gerni water blasters.
nye21.jpg (58476 bytes) Prop boss & propeller, most likely Spitfire. Mosquito cannon fairing on left of photo.
nye22.jpg (41048 bytes) Dakota tail sections. Nearer one had been holed, presumably so it would sink.
nye23.jpg (55247 bytes) Mosquito engine nacelle.
nye24.jpg (42340 bytes) The first Dakota tail section... the other one found is still under the water a few feet nearer the camera.
nye25.jpg (54850 bytes) Tiger Moth cowling and nose. Two complete upper wing frames were also found.
nye26.jpg (52368 bytes) Mosquito engine nacelle.
nye27.jpg (63870 bytes) Dakota tyre. The hose for the pump used to empty the Hole is also visible.
nye28.jpg (61088 bytes) Merlin engine mount.
nye29.jpg (64306 bytes) Merlin and radial engine mounts
nye30.jpg (60281 bytes) Doing the laundry... with 2500 p.s.i.
nye31.jpg (50408 bytes) That water stung if it hit you.
nye32.jpg (55658 bytes) Hey there spick and span!
nye33.jpg (45294 bytes) This Mini Cooper spent 10 days on the road... and nearly 30 years under water.
nye34.jpg (49804 bytes) 1937 Wolsely. The owner turned up one day.. was asked if he wanted it back. He declined on the grounds that "it was stuffed, which was why I pushed it in here in the first place".
nye35.jpg (55394 bytes) "Hmmmm, now just where did I put my groceries?".
nye36.jpg (43399 bytes) One of the two stone trollies left from the Hole's days as an operating quarry.


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