ON 9 AUGUST 1945


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A Catalina at Mackay Airport - 1961

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A Catalina at Mackay airport - 1961

RAAF PB2B-1 Catalina, A24-205 (original Serial No. USN 44224, RAF JX614), crashed on take off and was run aground at East Arm, near Darwin very early on the morning of 9 August 1945.

The crew for this accident were as follows:-

Flight Lieutenant J. G. Granger - Pilot
Flying Officer R. L. Priestly - 2nd Pilot
Flying Officer M. L. Judge - Navigator
Flight Sergeant K. F. Coggin - Navigator
Flight Sergeant R. O. Lenny - W/T Operator
Flight Sergeant J. T. Cocks - W/T Operator
Flight Sergeant S. R. Archibald
Flight Sergeant C. E. Thomas
Flight Sergeant B. O. Burrows

The Aircraft Accident Data Form suggested that there were seventeen RAAF passengers on board at the time of the accident. 2 Flying Boat Maintenance Unit 2FBMU arrived at the scene of the accident a 0700 hours and managed to beach the Catalina and patch the holes in the hull. They were beaten by the high tide that night not being as high as the high tide that morning. A second attempt to refloat the Catalina was made the next day, 10 August 1945. The CO of 2FBMU, their Engineer Officer and 45 airmen commenced their recovery work prior to 0700 hours. They managed to refloat the Catalina and it was pulled up on the slipway at 0815 hours.

After some repairs and two new engines, Catalina A24-205 was flown from Darwin, arriving in Rathmines on 5 September 1945 piloted by Squadron Leader Brian Monkton.

This aircraft had originally been delivered to the RAAF in January 1945.



Dive Site Catalina Flying Boat - This site suggests that the wreck of A24-205 is in 12 metres of water at Latitude 12 29 8 S Longitude 130 54 5 E. The above information would suggest that this must be a different Catalina.

Wings Beneath the Sea - Thesis Silvano Jung



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