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RAAF P-40E Kittyhawk A29-2 (#41-344??), crashed at Kyogle on 7 March 1942. The pilot at the time of the crash was P/O R K O'Connor who survived the crash.

This was one of three 75 Squadron P-40's that crashed that day because of bad weather while being ferried north from Bankstown.



Subject:    Kittyhawks
Date:             Sat, 18 Sep 1999 19:03:16 +1000
From:           John Moremon <>

Just a note re the three Kittyhawks of 75 Squadron that crashed in the Townsville area in March 1942. Actually, A29-1, -2 and -3 were all lost during the ferry flight from Bankstown ... at Laurieton, Kempsey and Wauchope, NSW ... so they didn't get anywhere near Townsville. (John - Many thanks for the update - I'll amend the Townsville page to correct my mistake - Peter)

Just thought you'd like to know ... it's a good site.

John Moremon



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Dear Peter,

Not sure that I can help you all that much with the three Kittyhawks, at the moment. I had copies of the preliminary crash reports ... but I leant them to somebody, and haven't seen them for over a year. The one I can tell you about (since he crashed on my grandmother's property ... about 200 metres from where I'm sitting at the moment, actually) was A29-3, flown by Pilot Officer J. W. Norton, who crashed a few miles from Wauchope, near a village called Beechwood; he was killed in the crash. I do remember that A29-1 crashed at Kempsey, and was repaired (though the pilot was killed) and A29-2 crashed at Laurieton, and was written off, though the pilot survived. You could get the name of the pilot killed at Kempsey by going to the Australian War Memorial site, in their honour roll (of whatever it's called) ... enter 75 Sqn and he'll have the same date of death as PO Norton. It was in March 1942.

John Moremon



NOTE:- Another reference (can't recollect the source now), gave me the following info on this crash which would now appear to be incorrect.

75 Squadron RAAF was formed in Townsville on 4 March 1942 when twenty five P-40E Kittyhawk's (A29-1 through to A29-25) were made available to the RAAF.

During operational training in the Townsville area, three Kittyhawks of 75 Squadron were lost in crashes. They were A29-2, A29-3, and A29-4.



"Aircraft of the RAAF 1921- 71"
By Geoffrey Pentland & Peter Malone

"The Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk in Australian Service"
By Stewart Wilson



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