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Part of the Windsor State School was requestioned during World War 2 to be used by the U.S. Navy as a Submarine Supply Depot. 



Aerial photo of Windsor State School. The large building for
the US Navy Submarine Supply Depot is quite prominent


There were a number of air raid shelters on the northern edge of the school grounds during WW2.

The February 1945 Military Phone Book for Brisbane shows the following entry:-



Telephone No.
Officer in Charge:
      Sprott, C.B., Lt. (SC)
M 6077, 6076
Executive Officer:
      Blakley, H.L., Lt.
M 6077, 6076
Technical Assistant:
      Schmohe, F., Ch. Elect.
M 6077, 6076
Assistant to Officer in Charge:
      Carter, C.H., Ch. Pay Clerk
M 6077, 6076


The Military Phone Book does not give the location of the Submarine Supply Center. Can anyone confirm if this is the Unit that was based at the Windsor State School?

In February 2002, the Parents and Citizens' Association at the Windsor State School  were attempting to convince Anna Bligh, the Queensland Minister for Education, that the land formerly occupied by the US Navy Submarine Supply Depot was not surplus to the education needs of the Windsor State School. They were scheduled to meet with Anna Bligh on 6 March 2002.

The Windsor and Districts Historical Society lodged an objection against a proposed subdivision and sale of the land currently leased to Officeworks. The land was originally part of the grounds of the heritage-listed Windsor State School which was requisitioned during the Second World War for use as a United States Submarine Supply depot. The area was not returned to the school after the war and the buildings were used for retraining returned soldiers and later for storage. It was then later leased to Officeworks.


March 2002

Officeworks on Lutwyche Road next to the Windsor State School


March 2002

The side of the Officeworks building


The building occupying the site in March 2002 was actually the WW2 building which had been reclad. The Windsor and Districts Historical Society believes the frame and structure should be entered on the Heritage Register in recognition of its wartime history and that the building be returned to the school and be used as a gymnasium or assembly hall.


1 Feb 2004

Note the roof trusses inside Officeworks at Windsor


1 Feb 2004

Another view inside Officeworks at Windsor


The rear of the building


While I was at Officeworks in Windsor on 1 February 2004, one of the shop assistants claimed that there were "Tunnels" at the rear of the building near the loading dock. He said that there were areas under the concrete floor that sounded very hollow when they pushed the pallets across the floor. He indicated that he thought they ran about NNW on the aerial photograph above.


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