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Runcorn Warehouses on site of today's Bradford Kendall complex


Close-up of the Runcorn Warehouses


The December 1942 and October 1943 Brisbane Military Telephone Directories show the Runcorn Warehouse used by the Quartermaster group of Base Section Three, US Army. 

Bradford Kendall Foundry was the site of that wartime warehouse complex. Some of the WW2 buildings may still be in use today. (Can anyone confirm this for me?)

The Runcorn Warehouse was handed over to the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy on 8 May 1945.


Could this open air shed perhaps be one of the remaining buildings from WW2?
The Beenleigh to Brisbane railway line is to the left of the photograph behind the trees.


Photo:- Peter Dunn 28 January 2007

Photo of the same shed (Bogie Shop) taken from Beenleigh Road. All of the trees have recently
 been cleared as part of a project to install a third track along the Brisbane - Beenleigh line.


Photo:- Peter Dunn 28 January 2007

Another view from from Beenleigh Road of the Bogie Shop.


Photo:- John W. Pettit Dec 2019

Section of the original railway line in the Bogie Shop dated 1886


Photo:- Peter Dunn 20 January 2007

A small siding near the warehouse buildings. Was this used by the military to unload stores for
the nearby warehouses? Was that concrete block a foundation for a small post mounted crane?
Does anyone know? Perhaps it has been improved over the years. 


The small railway siding near the warehouses started to disappear the weekend after (27/28 Jan 2007) I took these photos above and below. The siding had to go to make way for a third rail line being built in the area.


Photo:- Peter Dunn 20 January 2007

A closer view of the rail siding at Runcorn.


Photo:- Peter Dunn 20 January 2007

A close-up of the concrete foundation at the small rail siding.



Remains of some foundations near the Runcorn Warehouse, the remains of a
fertilizer factory (Australian Fertilizer) that was built on the site of the old Bone Mill.
The Runcorn Bone Mill was started in 1886 by Messrs Main, Clazy and Smith.


The Bradford Kendall Foundry can be seen in the background


The Runcorn All Hours Shopping Centre can be seen
in the background across the railway line and Beenleigh Road


All of these foundations were ripped out of the ground in early 2004


The remains of the large concrete foundations on 26 April 2004


All that remains of some of the foundations on 26 April 2004
Another piece of history gone!


Can anyone help me with more information?



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