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2 Section, 2 Australian Survey Company

3rd Portable Surgical Hospital (US Army) 5th A.A.C.S.
13 Garrison Battalion
1 Aust Army, CMF
13 Australian Gun (less A, B & C Company) 15th Weather Squadron
18th Station Hospital (US)    
22nd Bomb Group 26th A.A. Battery  26 OBU (RAAF)
28 Service Squadron (US) 36 Australian AA Battery Workshops Section, Cape Direction 36 Australian Supply Depot Pl.
43rd Bomb Group 46 Engineer Regiment (US) 61 Service Group & 46 (EGS)
90th Bomb Group 197th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment 387th Port Battalion (US)
404 Signal 1909 Ordnance  AASC 4 Australian DID, Cape Direction
Allied Works Council Attached Detachment 200 Supply Depot (AIF) Australian 446 - 447 Heavy AA Gun Static
Australian 136 Coastal Artillery Searchlight Company Australian Army Airway Radio Range and Communication Station Carrier Pl, 51 Australian Infantry Battalion
Civil Construction Corps (CCC) D Section, 2/4th Australian Dental Unit Detachment 1 Australian Army AA Pool Under Command CA Artillery Portland Roads
Detachment 2/1 Australian Field Butchery Company Detachment 2/109 Australian General Transport Company Detachment 3 Company Queensland AA & CA Signals
Detachment 8 Australian Field Baker Detachment 19 Australian Field Bakery Detachment 21 Australian Field Bakery (AIF)
Detachment 56 Australian Comp. AA Regiment Workshop (LE) Directorate of Air Transport HQ 36 Australian AA Battery
Main Roads Commission (MRC) Portland Road Battery Port Detachment "A"
RAAF AASC Station Base and Weather Station RAAF Key Communication Centre US 5 Air Force Command



"I didn't Know That - Cairns and Districts, Tully to Cape York, 1939-1946, Service Personnel and Civilians"
by Vera Bradley, 1943 AAMWS


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