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Stage 1 of the MacArthur Museum Brisbane was officially opened by Peter Beattie, the Premier of Queensland on 15 August 2004, the 59th anniversary of the end of the war in the Pacific. The MacArthur Museum Brisbane is located on the 8th Floor of MacArthur Chambers on the corner of Queens Street and Edward Street, Brisbane, in south east Queensland, Australia. 

MacArthur Chambers which is now an exclusive apartment building, was originally the old AMP building where General Douglas MacArthur and his senior staff were located in MacArthur's General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (GHQ, SWPA)

MacArthur's office (Room 806) and that of his deputy, General Richard Sutherland (Room 807) have both been restored as part of the Museum. MacArthur and Sutherland had both earlier shared Room 809 on the same floor.


MacArthur Museum Brisbane
Stage 2 Opens


Guests were greeted at the entrance to MacArthur Chambers
for the official opening of Stage 1 on 15 August 2004


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Plan of the Museum showing location
of MacArthur's and Sutherland's offices


Replicas of MacArthur's cap, pipe, sunglasses and medals


General Richard Sutherland's Office (Room 807).
Obviously the computer is a more recent enhancement!!


General Richard Sutherland's Office (Room 807).
The desk is an original desk used in the AMP building
and is typical of the type that Sutherland would have used.


General Richard Sutherland's Office (Room 807).
The window opens on to Queens Street.


MacArthur Museum Brisbane
The Official Web page

The MacArthur Museum Brisbane is located on:-

Level Eight, MacArthur Chambers
201 Edward Street
Queensland 4001

For further information contact Faye Schutt 0438 125 076.

Opening hours and admission:-

        Open to the public Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays (excluding public holidays and during the Xmas / New Year break) from 10.00am 3.00pm.


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