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Private Green of the 42nd Battalion, caught a large carpet snake while on manoeuvres at Mt. Spec. When back in Townsville, he put the snake in a sugar bag and let it loose in Lowth's Hotel amongst all the Yanks. This caused quite a commotion!


Lowth's Hotel in 1920


When the first troop ship carrying troops to New Guinea stopped over in Townsville, apparently all the hotels in Townsville closed their doors to avoid any trouble. Apparently Lowth's Hotel suffered extensive damage as the unruly mob forced their way into the bar.

When Lowths Hotel was being re-built on the corner of Flinders and Stanley St. in the early 1970's the construction of the basement was delayed because of problems caused by the red brick tunnel which the council had no record of. The thought that it was an old stormwater drain from Castle Hill



"Townsville Yesterday - In Pen and Picture"
By Sonia Davis/Jim Manion


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