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The Gregory Terrace Officers' Camp of Base Section Three was located on Gregory Terrace in Spring Hill in Brisbane. It was located on the land on the lower side of Gregory Terrace currently occupied by the Centenary Pool, and a Government Health Facility and near today's Queensland Energy Museum and the Energex Control Centre. Camp Victoria Park was located across the railway line from the Gregory Terrace Officer's Club.

The Gregory Terrace Officer's Camp was not only used by the Officers working in Camp Victoria Park, but provided accommodations for transit officers, and other officers stationed in the Brisbane Area.


Gregory Terrace Officers' Camp in 1943
Photo: NARA RG 111 SC # 223479


The area at the right hand side of the above photograph is where today's Centenary Pool is located in Gregory Terrace. The old Museum can be seen in the background and the Brisbane Show Grounds behind that.


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Plan of the Officers Club


In May 1944 the Camp organisation was shown in the May 1944 Brisbane Military Telephone Directory as follows:-

Commanding Officer:
    Lt. Col. Sawallesh, E.F.
Supply & Utilities Officer:
    Lt. Boyce, S.L.
Civilian Employment
Chief Clerk
Information & Duty
Supply Sergeant
Laundry Receiving Room


Photograph of the Officer's Club in Gregory Terrace
(Photo supplied by Bill Bentson)


The Officers' Club in Gregory Terrace which was part of the Gregory Terrace Officer's Camp burnt down after WW2. 


The entrance to Victoria Park Hqs. U.S. Army Services of Supply (USASOS)
 across the road from the Medical School on Herston Rd. in 1944. You can
see in the distance, the back of the Officers Club on Gregory Terrace. 


Part of the Gregory Terrace Officers Camp in 1946


Dedication of the flag pole on 8 May 1989. Bill Bentson is
second from the left wearing his American Legion cap.


Dedication of the flag pole on 8 May 1989


The others in the above photographs are from the Windsor Rotary Club and Brisbane City Hall. The American Flag was on the pole, during the ceremony, then lowered and folded, then the Australian Flag was run up the pole.


24 Dec 2003

Flagpole and commemorative sign in Gregory Terrace opposite
the former site of the Gregory Terrace Officers Camp. The 
Centenary swimming pool can be seen in the background.


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Close-up of the above sign


Flagpole and commemorative sign in Gregory Terrace


Close-up of the sign at the base of the flag pole


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