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The Chinese Camp in Lyons Street, Cairns was constructed by the Concrete Construction Company Pty. Ltd. and the costs were charged to the USASOS on Requisition Numbers 136 A, B, & C of the Transhipment Port Project as follows:-

1 Mess Hall 20' x 126' 2,100
1 Administration Building 20' x 54' 600
1 Recreation Hut 20' x 72' 840
1 Shower 13' x 27' 270
1 Mess Kit washing stand 10' x 27' 50
Water & Electric reticulation   640

The following was erected by troop labour (cost of materials only):-

2 sheds 8' x 10' 25
1 Latrine (pan type) 10' x 20' 45
1 House (plywood) 21' x 27' 440
55 Tent floors on stumps   990

Total Estimated Cost               6,000


NAA Plan

Chinese Camp opposite the corner of Lyons Street and Hartley Street


An inspection of the camp site was carried out on 18 August 1944 as part of the handover process to the Australian Military Forces. There was little left of the camp, or anything of material value, due to vandalism and weather degradation. Electric light fixtures, plywood and fibrolite partitions and walls had been removed or damaged. The remaining tent floors were being turned over to the US Navy. The salvageable value of the remainder of the camp was estimated to be about 200. It was recommended that the camp be placed in the hands of the Commonwealth Disposals Commission.


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